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Weapons of World War I

Wars cause many advances In all aspects, but if there is a technology that reaches its peak during wars, it is weapons, since creating a weapon superior to that of the rival is key to achieving victory. To talk about the most relevant weapons in one of the greatest wars in history, in this lesson from a PROFESSOR we are going to talk about weapons of world war i.

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  1. What was the First World War?
  2. New weapons in World War I
  3. Existing weapons that were key in the First World War

What was the First World War?

The First World War, also known as the Big war, it was an international conflict that took place between 1914 and 1918 in which the major powers of the entire world faced each other at that time, being a clash between the most traditional nations against the most reformist ones.

The allianceswho fought in the war were the Triple Alliance, formed by Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire among others, and the alliance known as Triple Entente

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, formed by France, the United Kingdom and the Russian Empire. There were many nations that joined the conflict on one side or another, but none of them was as important as those already mentioned.

The large number of nations in the fight, the great advances of the time and the long time that countries had been preparing for a war caused them to exist great arms advances in the conflict, being the reason why it is interesting to talk about the weapons of the First World War.

New weapons in the First World War.

When talking about the weapons of the First World War we must differentiate those weapons that were a novelty during the period and those already existed, but they evolved during the war or were more relevant than in periods previous. In this section we must talk about the new weapons That changed this war


The call tank or chariot is one of the most relevant weapons of the 20th century, being key in the Second World War, but having its origin in the Great War. Created by the French and English, its creation was key to changing the pace of the war, due in part to the situation that had generated the trenches in the conflict, although their use was not as relevant as in wars later.

Chemical weapons

Chemical weapons were one of the most feared before the start of the First World War, being prohibited expressly at the Hague Conference in 1899, but at that time it was not yet known how dangerous they could be, some being as lethal as the poisonous gas. The Germans were the pioneers in this type of weapon, but thanks to the advances in gas masks, chemical weapons only had relevance at the beginning of the war.


The airships or zeppelins were key vehicles during the war especially for the Germans, serving for reconnaissance, sending airplanes or bombing cities. Another reason for its great relevance was its use to counter British naval power, although it did not take long for the English to start using airships.


Although submarine-like instruments had been used for decades before, the advent of the First World War ushered in the military submarines, especially Germans, who were used to destroy huge warships and for infiltration missions. Submarines changed naval battles forever, being something that was very difficult to fight.

Weapons of World War I - New weapons in World War I

Existing weapons that were key in the First World War.

To finish this lesson on the weapons of the First World War we must talk about all those Weapons already in existence before the start of the conflict and which were key during the war of one or the other shape.

Machine gun

The enhancements made by the Maxim model at the end of the 19th century they made the machine gun go from being an ancient weapon to one of the most dangerous during the war. Key in trench fighting served both as defense and attack, being one of the reasons that the war spent so long in the trenches, since any movement in them was followed by a volley of bullets of machine gun.


The artillery suffered a great evolutionn throughout the war, the power of the weapons used at the beginning of the conflict being very different than at the end. Numerous artillery weapons were created such as grenade launchers, flamethrowers and anti-hero cannons, which were mainly used for open field combat. The cannons were also necessary to stop the great bombardments suffered by the cities and save thousands of civilians.


The most basic weapon of any soldier, its evolution during the conflict was key and it was always accompanied by the bayonet. Among the main rifles used during the conflict we must know the German Mauser or the Lee-Enfield British, being the weapon that could cause the most casualties due to its ease of use and because all the soldiers carried one.


The grenades turned out to be one of the most relevant weapons of the entire war, since they were very effective for fighting the trenches, being thrown in the enemy area and causing a large number of casualties due to the explosions. Among the main grenades we find the disc and the German 1913 model and the English Mills bomb, although all of them had major problems that would take years to improve.

Weapons of the First World War - Existing weapons that were key in the First World War

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