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How to impress your boyfriend (with 19 ideas and attitudes)

Love is a great experience, and a great motivation for all of us. Therefore, it is important to do our part so that our relationship works.

Although showing our lover that she is one of the most important people in our life is something that we must do every day, the details that we can have with him from time to time strengthen our relationship.

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Some ideas to impress your boyfriend

That is why in this article we propose some ideas that can impress your partner, be it boyfriend or husband, and make him feel loved by you. Of course, do not be the only one who gives in the relationship, because there must be a balance ...

In the following lines you will find the tips.

1. Make an "I love you" call without them expecting it

You may show every day that you love your partner, but it's always nice to surprise you from time to time. If you can call him at work one morning, do it. You can simply explain: "I'm just calling you to tell you how much I love you." It is sure to make your day.

2. Exploit what most attracted him to you when you met or take him to the place where you fell in love

Your partner now loves you because you have been together for a while and the attraction has become something deeper, but maybe what The most that caught your attention on your first dates is when you showed that traveling attitude or how you took care of yourself to please him.

Perhaps over time you have become more serious or you no longer care so much about liking him. Find ways to remember those days. Also you can plan a surprise and take him to the place where you met.

3. Be yourself

There is nothing that will surprise your partner more and keep her in love with you than when you enjoy your life and fight for your own personal development, for your goals and to be better every day. The attractive personality is based precisely on that: not being emotional dependent of your partner, but to be autonomous and have personal concerns.

4. Make a special dinner

When your partner arrives from the gym or the office, prepare a delicious romantic dinner. Surely you know what his culinary tastes are and you will be able to surprise him. Give him a touch of music and work in the environment so that he can enjoy your company this evening.

5. Don't plan... Improvise!

Take the car one day and get lost with your partner to the place you want to go. Sea or mountain? You will know that. The important thing is that you are together. A great way to impress your boyfriend with a dream day.

6. Special breakfast

A classic is taking your partner breakfast in bed on a Sunday. Don't warn him, just get up earlier and make him his favorite breakfast. It is not necessary that you take it to bed, but you do do it with a lot of love.

7. Assemble a "collage"

Surely you have many photos that exemplify your relationship. Trips, romantic dinners, walks on the beach on a Sunday, etc. Select the best and assemble a collage that represents your love. The collage can be on paper or on video.

8. Get lost with him for a weekend

You do not have to spend a lot of money, because today there are many interesting offers to travel. So Take advantage and get lost with your partner for a whole weekend. Whether in a spa or in the field.

9. Make a book with him

Collage is a good idea to remember your love, but You can also choose to make a photo book with your partner. Choose different scenarios in which love can flourish.

10. Do sexting (but carefully)

You can send him risque messages telling him how much you want him and what you like to be with him. You can also send him a bawdy photo. Now, if you opt for this last option, you must exercise extreme precautions as we explain in our article "Sexting: the risky practice of sending yourself spicy photos via mobile phone”.

11. Phone sex

You can also choose to call him and make it clear what you like about him in privacy. This is especially interesting when you are separated for any reason.

12. Wait for him after work

Do not wait for him to get home, and go to his place of work. Wait for him after work and surprise him. Surely he will be excited to see that you have taken the trouble to go see him. Then you can go for a snack together.

13. A picnic day

You can opt for a romantic picnic too. Whether on the beach or in the mountains, the important thing is that you are together and that you enjoy your love.

14. Make one of your fantasies come true

We all have our fantasies, and it's good that we talk about them openly, especially with our partner. If you want to surprise your crush, take note of his and, without him waiting, set the stage that will most excite him.

15. Do something i want a lot

The best way to surprise your partner is by doing what he would most like to do, so you can listen to him and find out what he wants. Maybe it's parachuting. It doesn't have to be his birthday to fulfill his wishes.

16. Practice erotic games with your partner

Erotic games make us more united with our partner and that we fully enjoy our sexuality. In our article “10 games in bed to share with your partnerYou have some ideas.

17. Plan another honeymoon

This option is especially intended for couples with children. If you have the opportunity, you can plan your second honeymoon and thus relive what has united you and what you like the most about each other.

18. Practice tantric sex

Tantric sex is a unique experience that allows you to connect with all your senses and those of your partner. It is a way of living full sexuality, to achieve maximum union and maximum pleasure. If you want to delve into this topic, you can read our article “7 tantric sex exercises for maximum pleasure”.

19. Send her flowers any day

Not all women want to receive flowers, much less send them. In fact, many think that it should be the male who performs this action. As well, sending flowers to your partner will surprise him and also make him feel really loved.

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