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10 ideas to prepare an unforgettable birthday for your partner

Birthdays are a very good excuse not only to celebrate and have a good time, but also to deepen an emotional relationship. If the birthday person is also your partner, that gives rise to many options that can range from experiences that only involve the two of you to group activities with family and / or friends.

But... what to do to surprise your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife on his birthday? It is not always easy to answer this, especially if there is pressure not to offer a “generic” gift that can be substituted for practically anything.

In this article you will find a selection of ideas to prepare an unforgettable birthday for your partner, focusing on options that go beyond buying a product and giving it to you, hoping you find it useful.

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Recommended ideas to prepare an unforgettable birthday for your partner

Taking into account these suggestions to organize a birthday, surely it will be easier for you to come up with an idea that fits with what you like or may like.

1. Prepare a weekend getaway with all your friends

This is one of the most ambitious ideas both for price and for the efforts involved, if you are looking to offer a real surprise. But the result will be truly unforgettable, yes. Also, it tends to fit in with the adventurous spirit of young people.

It consists of renting a country house with several friends of the birthday boy or girl, and celebrate there a party with overnight. Currently there are some options with affordable prices, since many of these buildings have common rooms with bunk beds and a spacious dining room (or patio with shed) that you can take advantage of both for lunch and dinner as well as for the celebration.

Ideally, you plan a simple getaway to one of the towns near where you live and join the whole group of friends by surprise.

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2. Keep it simple: an intimate getaway

You can also opt for the more classic and simple version of the previous option: a small weekend trip to a beautiful town that stay close by, taking advantage of the rural tourism facilities you have: small hotels with a rustic setting, charming apartments, etc.

Considering that you will only spend a night or two there, it will not be so far from the price of a conventional birthday present. In addition, you can even do your own research on what the area has to offer: natural environments. ideal to disconnect, medieval ruins, restaurants with good reviews, legendary places, routes of hiking, etc.

Birthday ideas for your boyfriend

3. Take part in an escape room game with friends

Escape rooms, sometimes also called escape games, are other interesting options to surprise your partner on his birthday, since On the one hand, they offer fun experiences and, on the other, most allow the participation of groups., so you can go with friends.

This form of leisure, which began to become popular in many countries of the world relatively few years ago, combines elements of a board game, an exploration game of environments, and intelligence challenges with puzzles: you will be "locked" in an interior and you will have to solve puzzles and collaborate with each other to advance and solve the problem posed by the plot (almost all escape rooms have an interesting story of which you are the main characters) before it is run out of time. Some of them take place in a single room and others give you access to new environments as you solve the challenges, as if it were a video game.

Usually the duration of these games is around an hour. Of course, do not trust yourself: escape rooms are not famous for making it easy for players!

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4. Make him a special breakfast and take him to bed

This is one of the birthday surprises for couples who base their strength on their simplicity. Make him sit in a luxury hotel for several minutes: get up earlier and prepare a good breakfast for him, to finally take him to bed with an impeccable presentation. If you are good at cooking, this is an option that you should take into account.

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5. Go to a spa

Taking a weekend getaway to a spa is another of those romantic birthday ideas that involve leaving your city, but at the same time it is very different from visiting a town for tourism. Its value consists in investing several hours in providing well-being to the body, both in saunas and through experiences such as massages.

It is ideal to disconnect, recharge and relax as a couple practically without leaving the site. Of course, keep in mind that normally this is not an option for all budgets.

6. Dedicate a poem or song

Making personalized lyrics for him is one of the intimate and romantic ways to surprise your partner on his or her birthday. In them You can both express your feelings towards her and take a tour of some of the key moments of your relationship. Mind you, don't let the urge to rhyme limit you!

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7. The classic surprise: a serenade

Another idea that could work as a birthday surprise for your partner is to go for the classic: a serenade like the ones before. You can include it in a romantic dinner by having the musicians arrive when it is time to eat dessert, or they can even come to your garden or terrace at an "unexpected" moment. It is so traditional that, precisely for that reason, you probably don't expect it at all.

8. An adrenaline-filled experience

There are several original options that include exciting experiences such as skydiving, a zip line, a balloon ride, etc. All of them are based on pure experience and on making people feel something that they could not experience in their day to day: a torrent of adrenalin.

Of course, it is not indicated if your partner tends to be fearful or apprehensive (unless he has told you before that he would like to be free of certain fears). This activities are supervised and managed by experts who make sure everything is very safe.

9. Offer her a game based on sensuality

As a couple, you may also be interested in exploring the more sensual side of your relationship, or even taking things towards the sexual. There are currently quite a few fun games for couples willing to explore new dynamics both in and out of bed. Some are oriented towards the subtly spicy but "for all audiences", and others are better applied in pure privacy.

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10. Give him a book that has been important to you or that connects with your relationship

It is possible that among the books you have read and enjoyed you have one in which you find parallels with your partner or with your relationship. Giving it to him can be a nice way not only to give him a product that he may like in his spare time, but it will also help him get to know you and your point of view better.

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