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The 70 best phrases of José Mourinho

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Former soccer player, commentator, journalist, and coach. José Mário dos Santos Mourinho Félix, better known as José Mourinho, is quite a personality in the world of football.

He has been the coach of renowned European teams such as Chelsea F.C., Manchester United F.C. and Real Madrid C.F., and many people have it as a sports reference. Therefore, below you will find a selection of the best phrases of Jose Mourinho.

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The most memorable phrases of José Mourinho

Not only is he a star of one of the most popular sports in the world, but he is known for his strong personality. If you are interested in knowing it better, keep reading; here you will find a compilation of interesting, commented reflections and phrases by José Mourinho.

1. I have studied Italian for five hours a day for several months to be able to communicate well with you, with the team and with the fans. After five years in England, Ranieri still had a hard time saying good morning and good night.

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Trying to be at the height of his team adapting to the social context that surrounds him.

2. I want to win, play well, score more goals than the rivals and concede less. I want it all. That is my philosophy.

Philosophy that you impart to your teams.

3. I'm from the club I'm in.

He is not clinging to just one club.

4. There are three types of coaches. A group that never criticizes the mistakes of the referees; another very big one, in which I am myself, who criticizes the errors of the referees; and a new group, in which Guardiola is alone, who criticizes the success of the referees.

Talking about the types of coaches.

5. If I had wanted an easy job, I would have stayed in Porto with a blue chair, the Champions League trophy, God and, after God, me.

Talking about wishing for bigger challenges.

6. I am not the best in the world, but I think there is no one better than me.

With confidence always high.

7. There are those who laugh after a victory, for me there is no time to celebrate successes.

Mourinho is almost a workaholic.

8. Pressure? What pressure? Pressure is what the poor people of the world have trying to bring food to their families. Working from sunrise to sunset just to feed her boys. In football there is no pressure.

Although your work is hard, you do not consider it impossible or exhaustive.

9. There is a perception that the amateurs care more about the club than the professionals. And that is totally wrong. Nobody at Manchester cares more about the club than I do.

A good coach is aware of all the needs of the club.

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10. The first Scudetto was won in the offices, the second without opponents and the third in the last minute.

A story about the Scudettos.

11. If not even Jesus Christ liked everyone, imagine me.

No one is capable of making everyone like him.

12. 2010 was the best year of my career.

A reference to the best professional year of him.

13. I put on my club pajamas and sleep with him. I am a club man, but a man of many clubs.

Committed to the team on duty.

14. Guardiola is a fantastic coach, but he has won a Champions League that I would be ashamed to win.

Reflections on Pepe Guardiola.

15. I am not just another coach, I am the European champion. You can call me The Special One.

Referring to the famous nickname of him.

Reflections of José Mourinho

16. My ideal team is one in which, at any time and in any situation, all the players think the same way.

A team can only succeed when everyone works together.

17. I aspire to change the football philosophy, there are no coaches with the same ideas.

Without a doubt, it is a very original example to follow.

18. I'll work harder, but I can't do miracles. I'm neither Merlin nor Harry Potter.

We must work to the best of our ability.

19. I think the yellow card is fair because I was rude even though I was rude like an idiot.

Mourinho has always had both a good and a bad reputation, due to his raw sincerity.

20. There are people smarter than me, who try to have a different image than me, but they are the same as me.

Mourinho has never disguised the essence of him.

21. God has to think I'm a hell of a guy. If not, he would not have given me so much.

One more sample of his confidence.

22. I believe that I am Mr. Porto and Mr. Real Madrid and from other clubs as well, I am from the club where I am.

He is loyal to the club he belongs to at the time.

23. Madridista, interista... I am Mourinhista.

Another sign that he doesn't stick with just one team.

24. Wenger is one of those people that in England they call voyeur. He likes to look at other people.

Talking about Wenger.

25. Something that is very clear to me is that to take control of the game you have to have the ball. Enjoy it.

You can't do something if you don't enjoy it.

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26. Look at my haircut, I'm ready for war.

Mourinho prepares down to the smallest detail.

27. I'm ready. The more pressure there is, the stronger I am.

Pressure helps us move forward.

28. Beautiful, beautiful is not playing for Real Madrid, it is not training for Real Madrid, it is winning with Real Madrid.

On his experience at Real Madrid.

29. I think they have to see me as Mr. Club. What it means is that I usually say that I even sleep in my club pajamas.

How your team tends to view it.

30. In a hypocritical world, not being a hypocrite is a great flaw. It is a defect that I have and that I will have

A defect that is his greatest virtue.

31. The style of play must be adapted to the culture of the club and also to the players.

Each style of play is different.

32. Guardiola deserves to win a Champions League normally. I wish him so because he is a very good coach who I respect as a person for the fantastic treatment of him in the four years that we have worked together.

Showing his admiration for Guardiola.

33. If I have to give myself a grade from a professional point of view, from 1 to 10 I get an 11.

About his performance as a coach.

34. My main tactical idea is to have the ball. I want a high circulation of the ball and, for that to happen, the players must know that, in a certain position, there is a teammate.

His entire strategy is based on focus on the ball.

35. Three years without winning any Premier? I don't think I still had a job.

Talking about Rafa Benitez's performance.

36. In Portugal, it is said that the bigger the ship, the stronger the storm.

A saying from your country about hard work.

37. The word fear doesn't exist in my dictionary and I don't want it to appear in my players'.

To win, the first thing to do is defeat fear.

38. I don't like intellectual prostitution, I like intellectual honesty.

Always keeping an open sincerity.

39. UEFA does not let any Barcelona rival play against them. I do not understand why. I don't know if it's UNICEF advertising, I don't know if it's because they're so nice.

A rather harsh criticism against favoritism to Barcelona.

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40. Cruyff says I'm not an example? I do not remember in any of my teams that, after a defeat, I have prevented the rivals from celebrating on the field. I don't remember forcing opponents to take a shower.

You not only have to prepare a team for victory, but also for defeat.

41. My teams are not afraid of losing and a team that is not afraid of losing will win more games and play better than one that is.

When we overcome fear, we may be able to achieve many things.

42. Have you seen the scoring chances we have had and our dominance on the field? We could have won 5-1 with me as a goalkeeper.

Showing pride in his tactic.

43. Fortunately for me, I have always been on great ships. FC Porto was a very big ship in Portugal, Chelsea was also a great ship in England and Inter was a great ship in Italy. Now I am at Real Madrid, which is considered the greatest ship on the planet.

Proud to have belonged to great teams.

44. If I have 23 very good watches and you want to give me another watch, that watch has to be very good.

Never accept less than what you deserve.

45. There are coaches who haven't won for ten years, or who have hardly ever won. If I have to prove something, imagine them.

We all have our own struggles.

46. When my father played, the same players played for the same club for 15-20 years. In society now everything is faster, even relationships are fast, the players get tired of each other, of the coach ...

Buying the times of his father with the current ones.

47. I ended the hegemony of Barcelona in Spain. That is the great damage I did to Spanish football.

Marking a clear and forceful difference in the Spanish league.

48. I don't want a player to be a perfect man and have a fantastic character. That's the kind of man I want for my daughter.

Players must have spirit and ambition to improve and progress from the spirit of sportsmanship.

49. I don't waste time thinking about why people love me or hate me.

It is never worth wasting time thinking about other people's opinions.

50. I don't earn 9 million, maybe 11, even 14 from advertising.

Mourinho earns his money from him thanks to his dedication.

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51. I like to think as I think, I like that the people who are with me think exactly the same. That we are strong, that we have the qualities, that we are the best, that no one can beat us. It is my philosophy.

Perhaps Mourinho is successful because he has a special connection with his players.

52. If we don't reach the Champions League final, it will be my failure.

Taking responsibility as a coach.

53. A friend of mine says that with all the stones they throw at me a monument could be made.

An example to take criticism as an impulse to continue growing.

54. I am humble, humble enough to analyze my career and problems.

Mourinho has always recognized both his strengths and his weaknesses.

55. It's one thing to be organized and another to be defensive.

Differences in character.

56. Football is full of philosophers, increasingly full of people with fantastic philosophical theories.

Soccer is not without its wonderful people.

57. I don't do physical work. I defend the globalization of work. I don't know where the physical begins and the psychological and tactical ends.

Mourinho works with everything in the field.

58. What I like is to see the Juventus players and fans celebrate a draw against us in their own stadium, even when they are 10 points behind the leader.

Cultivating a philosophy of fair play in every game.

59. Thanks, I like being a title coach.

Comment made after winning the Copa del Rey final against Barcelona.

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60. Fighting hypocrisy as a principle of life is worth it, because you feel good about yourself.

Hypocrisy is the worst sin for Mourinho.

61. I've never been good at hiding behind words and philosophies.

Referring to being sincere at all times.

62. I realized that during my career I made mistakes and I am not going to make the same mistakes. I'm going to make new mistakes.

Never repeat the past, focus on your future.

63. I won two Champions, but I won 2 on the field. I won them with two teams that weren't Barcelona: FC Oporto, from a country that doesn't normally win the Champions League and from a club called Inter that hadn't won it for 50 years.

I don't know about having a great team, but about being committed to the game.

64. If Juve worries me? Look at the dark circles I have, I don't sleep at night.

Never underestimate a rival.

65. I will not be a hypocrite. I'd rather be the punching bag of cowards.

Mourinho knows that not everyone will agree or be happy with his comments.

66. The victories have many parents and the defeats only one and that is me.

Losses are partly the manager's responsibility, even if he is not playing directly with the ball.

67. I'm going to a press conference. I'm not sending anyone. Since you are not capable of standing up for me on the pitch, I will defend myself.

Acting head-on at all times.

68. I have always lived up to the expectations of the clubs I worked for.

Leaving a great teaching in its wake.

69. For a coach to do the job all season to win the League is incredible, but a coach or a coach without Champions is not a coach or a player.

Talking about the importance of the Champions for the teams.

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70. If you don't have a dog to go hunting, you go with the cat.

There will always be solutions, even if they are not the traditional ones.

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