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The 90 best phrases of indignation

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Outrage comes when our confidence or positive expectations are shattered by events that we perceive as unfair. Through these experiences we can discover who are really honest and who are worthy to achieve their goals.

To better understand this feeling, below we will review the best quotes about outrage, commented.

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The most memorable quotes about outrage

This is a compilation of outrageous quotes and reflections that help to understand this feeling.

1. When their sadness turns to outrage, they are able to make a difference. (Malcolm X)

When we get tired of injustices, it is time to act.

2. Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional. (Buddha)

In certain circumstances it is inevitable to feel discomfort, but that does not mean that we should let ourselves be carried away by it.

3. Anger is an acid that can do more damage to the container in which it is stored than to anything it is poured into. (Mark Twain)

Sometimes the first victim of outrage and anger is the one who experiences these feelings.

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4. The sharpest sword is a word spoken in anger. (Gautama Buddha)

When we speak angrily, we can come to regret our words.

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5. For every minute that you are angry, you lose sixty seconds of happiness. (Ralph Waldo Emerson

It's not worth staying angry all the time.

6. If you are able to tremble with indignation every time an injustice is done in the world, we are companions, which is more important. (Che Guevara)

Do not remain silent in the face of injustices.

7. Without anger, nothing changes. (Pablo Hasél)

Anger can be an excellent engine for change.

8. Let us not allow our anger to turn to anger and it to violence. (Mario Alonso Puig)

It is better to use violence as creative potential.

9. Never laugh at a child's tears. All pains are equal. (Charles Van Lerberghe)

You have to respect the pain of each person.

10. Anger makes you smaller, while forgiveness forces you to grow beyond who you are. (Cherie Carter-Scott)

It is better to resolve things in a positive way than to exacerbate problems.

11. Moral outrage is nothing more than envy with a halo. (George Herbert)

Hypocritical outrage.

12. Anger is never without reason, but it is rarely good. (Benjamin Franklin)

Especially when we let ourselves be handled by it.

13. To be angry is to avenge the mistake of others on ourselves. (Alexander Pope)

Each one must assume the responsibilities of him.

14. Moral outrage is a technique used to endow the idiot with dignity. (Herbert Marshall McLuhan)

Morality is not always correct.

15. The consequences of anger can be far more dire than the reason that caused it.

That is why you should never act under the influence of anger.

Reflections of outrage

16. Angry people are not always wise. (Jane Austen)

It is calm that resolves conflicts.

17. Hope fills the spaces of helplessness in my heart. (Emanuel Cleaver)

If you can't solve a problem now, find another way out that might help.

18. A man is only as great as the things that make him angry. (Winston Churchill)

Patience is the greatest virtue.

19. Anger is a great force. If you can control it, it can be transformed into a power that can move the entire world. (Anonymous)

The positive impact of anger when we do not allow ourselves to be carried away by it.

20. The indignant behaves as if they were a victim, without being one. (Bert Hellinger)

Some people use it as an escape method.

21. Moral outrage is, in most cases, two percent moral, forty-eight percent outrage, and fifty percent envy. (Vittorio de Sica)

The danger of closed and strict morality.

22. Impotence, while painful at times, is an essential and positive part of success. (Bo Bennett)

Powerlessness leads us to know our limits and challenge them.

23. With a hug, in a few minutes you will eliminate all the pain and anger. (John Gray)

It is when we are going through our worst moment that we need human warmth.

24. Frustration is the first step towards anger and helplessness. (Anonymous)

Take a moment to analyze what frustrates you and how you can overcome it.

25. Anger, if not restricted, is often more painful to us than the injury that causes it. (Seneca)

We must be very careful with our anger.

26. Life is a tornado, peace, fury and again peace. (Palm Trees in the Snow)

Life is full of happy and difficult moments.

27. The outrage is, first of all, of a moral nature. (Bert Hellinger)

It arises when our moralistic questions are put to the test.

28. Time does not put great pain to sleep, but it does numb them. (George Sand)

Time helps us better understand our experiences.

29. Don't hold onto anger, hurt, or pain. They steal your energy and take you away from love. (Leo Buscaglia)

Better to find a way to overcome them than to let them drown you.

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30. In order for the outrage to remain justified, the outraged dramatizes both the injustices suffered and the consequences of guilt. (Bert Hellinger)

When people love to put themselves in the role of victim.

31. Your just indignation I fear; that she is a woman, and anger burns in them, and with the power of the just limit they come out. (Tirso de Molina)

Women and their impediments imposed by society.

32. A man must forget his anger before going to sleep. (Mohandas Gandhi)

Anger is more harmful to health than we may think.

33. Like a bull with red eyes, this is how I feel, and I am not exaggerating when I say that only God could calm this kind of anger.

An expression about how outrage feels.

34. We speak with outrage or enthusiasm. (Joseph Conrad)

Two forms of expression.

35. The cry of the abandoned child is anger, not fear. (Robert Anton Wilson)

All people who suffer some kind of abandonment develop an incredible rage against those who abandoned them.

36. All the failures, frustrations and helplessness of the past were laying the foundation for the standard of living you now enjoy. (Tony Robbins)

The important thing is to learn the lessons of those dark moments.

37. We lose the battles against our exalted tongue on almost every occasion. (Javier Marías)

As the saying goes, ¨the tongue is the punishment of the body¨.

38. Insult is powerful. Insult breeds both anger and humor, and often at the same time. (Suzanne Fields)

It all depends on the tone of voice with which they are said.

39. If your anger diminishes over time, you have done injustices; If it increases, you suffered injustices. (Nassim Taleb)

Two ways to see the passage of anger.

40. It takes a lot of desperation, dissatisfaction, and disappointment to write a few good poems. (Charles Bukowski)

Outrage can also be an excellent muse.

41. Indignation and determination are two of the great emotions that lead to change. (Jim Rohn)

Negative feelings that lead you to want something better.

42. If getting angry is bad for the soul, then already consider mine dead.

When anger consumes you.

43. Never go to bed angry, stand up and fight. (William Congreve)

Better to resolve a conflict now than to let it get bigger.

44. The absence of hatred does not necessarily imply the absence of elementary moral outrage. (Etty Hillesum)

There are many ways to get punished.

45. In the face of an outraged person, it is difficult for victims to leave behind their suffering and for perpetrators, the consequences of guilt. (Bert Hellinger)

Two faces behind the outrage.

46. It is wise to direct anger at problems, not at people. To focus your energies on answers, not excuses. (William Arthur Ward)

No innocent should pay for your anger.

47. Pain that is not relieved with tears can cause other organs to cry. (Francis J. Braceland)

It is better to vent and release those emotions than to let them rot inside.

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48. It is not about helping someone, but about imposing a claim of which the indignant considers himself and feels himself the executor. (Bert Hellinger)

Seeking justice in your own hands doesn't always solve things.

49. Anger is easier to handle than pain. (Emily Griffin)

With time and help, everything is overcome.

50. A man who has never made a woman angry is a failure in life. (Christopher Morley)

An interesting phrase to ponder.

51. Holding onto anger is like grabbing a hot coal with the intention of throwing it at someone else, you are the one who gets burned. (Buddha)

He is the one who feels it, the one who is harmed in the long run.

52. Anger always comes from frustrated expectations. (Elliot Larson)

Even outrage can be the product of our illusions.

53. How are you going to fill the void of outrage? (Philip Roth)

What are you going to do about it?

54. What starts in anger ends in shame. (Benjamin Franklin)

We always regret the acts committed when we are angry.

55. The true pain is the one suffered without witnesses. (Marco Valerio Marcial)

A silent outrage.

56. We are free, let us not be enslaved by an emotion that is nothing more than a simple learned response pattern. (Mario Alonso Puig)

Each one chooses whether to face his problems or to be carried away by his emotions.

57. One day someone will have to say enough. One day someone will have to say it's over. (Pete Postlethwaite)

No evil lasts forever.

58. Intolerance can be defined as the outrage of men who have no opinions. (Gilbert Keith Chesterton)

One way to describe intolerance.

59. No one can think clearly when their fists are clenched. (George Jean Nathan)

Anger clouds our judgment.

60. The world is not fair, but as long as the tilt is in my direction, it seems to me that there is a cap to righteous outrage. (Scott Adams)

React to injustices, but don't let anger consume you.

61. If you don't want to be prone to anger, don't feed the habit. Don't give it anything that can make it increase. (Epictetus)

Direct your anger toward something productive.

62. I don't want to think because I don't want the pain of the heart to join the pain of thought. (Emilio Castelar)

The memory of a bad experience can be more painful than the one lived.

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63. The squeaky hinge is the one that gets the oil. (Malcolm X)

If you want a better change, act for it.

64. We would have to be outraged 1,000 times more. (José Luis Sampedro)

It is necessary to claim for more just things in this world.

65. When I stop being indignant, my old age will have begun. (André Gide)

The outrage as part of the youth.

66. There are pains that kill: but there are more cruel ones, those that leave us life without ever allowing us to enjoy them. Antonie L. Apollinaire Fée)

Each one has in their hands the power to overcome his pain.

67. When you clench your fist, no one can put anything into your hand, nor can your hand pick anything up. (Alex Haley)

No one can help you and you are not willing to receive help.

68. And inside me the indignation grew, I did not know well against what, although to a large extent it was against myself. (Mario Levrero)

When we feel that we have not achieved our goals.

69. Interestingly, we often get angry with the person who tells us a truth that is difficult to hear, or impossible to believe. (Marc Levy)

We tend to get upset with those who want the best for us.

70. Disdain is closely tied to outrage, and in both cases it is about rejecting someone and completely excluding them from the community. (Malcolm Gladwell)

When outrage is caused by discrimination.

71. The person you love the most is sometimes the one who makes you feel the saddest. (Anonymous)

A complete irony.

72. With these kinds of feelings you could even create a story.

A positive way to redirect our outrage.

73. In laughter there is always a kind of joy that is incompatible with contempt or indignation. (Voltaire)

That is why it is always best to keep a positive attitude.

74. Those who see in every disappointment a stimulus for greater conquests, they have the correct point of view towards life.

Find the positive point in every dark moment.

75. An angry man is always a stupid man. (Chinua Achebe)

A man who can't get anything productive out of there.

76. Easy to erase photos and conversations, difficult to erase memories. (Anonymous)

Bitter memories weigh the most.

77. Anger is useful only up to a point. After that, it turns into rage, and rage will make you care about nothing. (Lauren Oliver)

It is useful when we can use it as a motivator.

78. You will not be punished because of your anger, you will be punished for it. (Buddha)

Because it will prevent you from enjoying the good things.

79. Do not go against what is fair to get the praise of others. (Lao Tse)

A dirty victory will always be a despicable act.

80. Life is too sad to be embittered with mutual hatred. (Gustav Meyrink)

Stop worrying about the actions of others.

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81. Bitterness is like cancer. The host is eaten. But anger is like fire. It burns everything to ashes. (Maya Angelou)

Reasons to avoid bitterness.

82. Pain, when it does not become an executioner, is a great teacher. (Concepción Arenal)

It all depends on the way it is perceived.

83. Outrage without organization is a waste of time. (Josep Maria Pou)

There is no use feeling outraged if you will not do something to remedy it.

84. Do not say hurtful words when you are in a bad mood, your mood will change, but you can never replace the words you said.

Misdirected words can do a lot of damage.

85. Anger at injustice is called outrage. (Walter Riso)

The main reason why outrages are spawned.

86. The world can do nothing against a man who sings in misery. (Ernesto Sábato)

There are those whose pain changes forever.

87. I felt it wasn't fair; the idea that it had all been too easy for some made me outraged. (Blanca Miosi)

Inequality produces justifiable outrage.

88. Silent pain is the most dire. (Jean-Baptiste Racine)

It's never a good idea to isolate yourself when you're having a hard time.

89. There are wounds that, instead of opening our skin, open our eyes. (Anonymous)

There are bad moments that help us face reality better.

90. If I can find the source of my anger, I can turn that negative energy into something positive. (Yoko Ono)

The best way to direct our anger.
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