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Top 10 Mindfulness Courses in Miami

The 8-week MBSR Online Mindfulness course is led by the psychologist and instructor Lorena Irribarra and is offered to anyone who wishes to reduce their levels of stress or anxiety, decrease discomfort general, train emotional management and acquire tools to deal with difficult situations in the day a day.

This course is based on the classic MBSR program created by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn at the Medical Center of the University of Massachusetts and consists of 8 weeks in duration, with weekly sessions of 2.5 hours each a.

In addition to that, each of the sessions offers an introductory video and a development video. interactive, as well as guided meditations and self-assessment exercises after each one of them.

The Mindfulness at Work program offered by Fastracktorefocus It is taught by the coach Nieves Rodríguez, and is aimed at any person, professional or company interested in applying the principles of Mindfulness to improve their work performance.

The main benefits of Mindfulness at work are the improvement in stress management, the increase in productivity and concentration, improved decision making, learning emotional regulation and decreased of stress.

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The course consists of 8 weekly live sessions and allows the possibility of accessing them once they are finished.

The Awakening psychology center offers a wide variety of Mindfulness courses adapted to people of all ages.

These courses are offered to psychology professionals who want to make use of Mindfulness in their daily practice. as people interested in learning to overcome any type of psychological alteration and achieve greater well-being emotional.

The Despertar Center courses are taught by psychology professionals, as well as teachers belonging to the Tibetan Buddhist tradition and some of the most prominent are: Transform your mind, Wake up your heart; Lo Jong. Mindfulness Mental Training in Seven Points and Stress Reduction based on Mindfulness (MBSR).

The course "Mental Mastery: Mindfulness" offered by the instructor Lidia Dols from her platform Gurumind It is aimed at all those who want to use Mindfulness to reduce their levels of stress, anxiety, emotional discomfort or work difficulties.

The online course offers a series of both theoretical and practical content, lasts 8 hours and offers the possibility of receiving training or exercises adapted to the needs of each user, as well as continuous feedback from the app professionals from their channel of Telegram.

If you are going through an adverse situation on an emotional or psychological level, or you want to learn to recognize and manage your emotions, this Mindfulness course offered by Espacio Psikonet is the one for you.

The course offers 8 weekly online sessions of 2 and a half hours each in which each student will learn to identify the various types of suffering and apply the most useful tools to overcome each of they. Its price is 280 euros.

The Crehana online training platform offers its students this Mindfulness and Wellbeing course for anyone who wants to improve performance in their company and increase their emotional and work well-being.

Some of the main benefits of this course are the improvement of attention and self-awareness, the achievement of a greater leadership, improvement in emotional regulation and the acquisition of various techniques related to intelligence emotional.

The course has a complete syllabus of 10 modules divided into 52 classes whose total duration is 4 hours and 41 minutes. In addition to that, the price of the course is 7.99 euros.

The Udemy Mindfulness Course It is aimed at all those who want to learn the main theoretical-practical foundations of said therapy, identify maladaptive thoughts and incorporate Mindfulness practice into your day to day to improve your welfare.

The course is priced at 16.99 euros and the main content that can be found on campus virtual, whose access is free for life, are 35 articles, 47 downloadable resources and 15 hours of low video demand.

The Deusto Salud Mindfulness course It is offered in the 100% online mode and consists of a syllabus of 6 modules in which they are offered the main theoretical knowledge of Mindfunless and its therapeutic applications more important.

In addition to that, the main contents of the course are 4 annual masterclasses, 3 annual practical cases, Guided meditations, face-to-face workshops, one-to-one sessions and video tutorials with professionals qualified.

By completing this course, each student will obtain a Deusto Salud Diploma and a University Diploma from the Catholic University of Murcia, as well as the possibility of accessing the Deusto job bank Health.

The MBSR Online Course by esMindfulness It is based on Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn's classic MBSR program and consists of 8 weeks of intensive online Mindfulness instruction.

Some of the activities that make up the course are guided meditation sessions, theoretical sessions, individual and group activities, Personal interviews with the instructor, tutorial videos and permanent monitoring of the achievements of each participant by the instructor.

The European Institute of Positive Psychology presents this Mindfulness and Emotional Management course in the online mode, one of the only ones that allows specialization in both areas of intervention from the theoretical approach of Positive Psychology.

With this course each student will learn to manage their own emotions and to recognize those of others, as well as to reduce their levels of stress, anxiety, to recognize their strengths and to achieve a state of personal well-being at all levels.

The course lasts 3 months (85.5 hours of work) and offers each participant a Certificate of the La Salle University Center consisting of 3.25 ECTS credits.
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