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Psychologists in Villa Maipú

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I am a psychologist, I work online and in person in the North Zone. For more than 10 years I have accompanied my patients to discover the tools they have to achieve their well-being.

Degree in Psychology

Hello! My name is Andrea Titolo, I am a psychologist, if you suffer from depression, anxiety, fears, anguish, panic attacks, introversion, obsessive-compulsive disorders or anything that prevents you from living calmly, happily and enjoying life, do not hesitate to contact me!!! Greetings

Ontological Coaching

Hello!! I am Maja, systemic psychotherapist, ontological coaching and biodecoding therapist, with extensive professional experience in treating patients both face-to-face and online.

degree in psychology

when the difficulties that life presents us prevent us from living each moment to the full, when we find no way out our problems, I can accompany you to find it discovering your own resources and potentialities in a path shared.

Psychologist Kirley Da Luz (Buenos Aires)

My name is Kirley, I work with evidence-based psychology, which has cognitive-behavioral tools to...

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Psychologist Hilda Diaz (Resistance)

I have a career of more than 30 years in the field of psychology. For 20 years I have worked for ...

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Psychologist Edelweiss Raposo (Pinamar)

I am an Argentine psychologist and psychoanalyst. I attend Spanish-speaking patients regardless o...

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