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80 great phrases and expressions in Italian (and their meaning)

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The Italians are the direct heirs of the ancient Roman Empire and also one of the oldest cultures in the old world. They are a people well known for their temperament and outgoing character.

The way of being of the Italians makes them be loved or hated depending on where they are, but what we can certainly appreciate about them is the innate ease they have to relate to everyone, what are the most common Italian phrases relevant?

Phrases and expressions in Italian (and translation)

Italian has hundreds of great phrases possessing great wisdom that we should all know, but in this case we wanted to make a selection with the 80 great phrases in Italian and their translation more interesting from our point of view. We hope you enjoy them!

1. Cui niente sa, say niente doubt.

He who knows nothing, he doubts nothing.

2. Chi la dura la vince.

The one who perseveres wins.

3. Hope my life.

Hope gives me life.

4. È meglio star solo che mal accompagnato.

Better to be alone than in bad company.

5. Non v'è rosa senza spina.

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There are not roses without spines.

6. Chi non fa, non fail.

He who does not do, does not fail.

7. The bad company is that che mena gli uomini alla forca.

Bad company leads men to the gallows.

8. Finché c'è vita c'è speranza.

Where there's life there's hope.

9. È meglio aver poco che niente.

Better to have little than nothing.

10. Dimmi with chi vai, and I will tell you chi sei.

Tell me who you're going with and I'll tell you who you are.

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11. A nemico che fugge, fa un ponte d'oro.

Make a gold bridge for a fleeing enemy.

12. Odi, veti et tace, se voi vive in pace.

Keep your mouth shut and your ears open.

13. The pigrizia is the chiave della povertà.

Laziness is the key to poverty.

14. Love tutti fa uguali.

Love makes all men equal.

15. Quel ch'è fatto, è fatto.

What is done is done.

16. Belle parole non pascon i gatti.

Good words do not feed cats.

17. Ad ogni uccello il own nest is beautiful.

The bird loves its own nest.

18. Dai nemici mi guardo io, dagli amici mi guardo Iddio.

I will protect myself from my enemies, may God protect me from my friends.

19. Save innanzi che tu salti.

Look before you jump.

20. And his volontate is our pace.

In doing our will we find our peace.

21. Help doesn't come too late.

Help is never too late.

22. Can che abbaia non morde.

Barking dog, little biter.

23. Val meglio essere matti in compagnia che savi da soli.

Better crazy in company than wise alone.

24. Oggi to me, domani to you.

Today for me, tomorrow for you.

25. Love does not know trouble.

Love never tires.

26. Horse that runs non ha bisogno di sproni.

Running horse does not need spurs.

27. Say good will sta pieno l'inferno.

Hell is full of good will.

28. A caval donato non si guard in mouth.

A gift horse does not look at the tooth.

29. Quale il padre tale il figlio.

Like father, like son.

30. Love is blind.

Love is blind.


31. Danari fanno danari.

Money makes money.

32. Ad ogni santo vien sua festa from him.

Every saint has his own festival.

33. Ride bene chi ride last.

He who laughs last, laughs best.

34. Calmness is the virtue of strength.

Calm is the virtue of the strong.

35. Amor regge senza legge.

Love rules without rules.

36. Batti il ​​ferro finché è broth

Strike while the iron is hot.

37. And great pain, I am muti.

Great sorrows are mute.

38. Dove l'oro parla, ogni lingua tace.

Where gold speaks, every tongue is silent.

39. Capo d'opera.


40. Necessità non ha legge.

Necessity knows no law.

41. Che ‘l lose time to chi più sa più spiace.

The loss of time hurts the one who knows more.

42. say new


43. Non fa case.

It is of no importance.

44. Chive d'oro apre ogni porta.

Golden key opens all doors.

45. Chi ha fatto il male, faccia la penitenza.

He who does evil, does penance.

46. Chi vuol arricchire in un anno, è impiccato in six months.

Who wants to get rich in a year, is hanged in six months.

47. Tra il dire e il fare c'è di mezzo il mare.

Between saying and doing there is a sea.

48. I primi saranno gli ultimi.

The first will be the last.

49. The note is the mother of pensieri.

The night is the mother of thoughts.

50. Gold is worth gold.

Gold, gold is worth.

51. Non c'è problem.

No problem.

52. Prudence is the mother of security.

Prudence is the mother of safety.

53. Ogni thing has cagione.

Everything has a cause.

54. La miglior difesa è l’attacco.

The best defense is attack.

55. I frutti proibiti sono i più dolci.

The forbidden fruit is the sweetest.

56. With peace of mind s'acquista scienza.

Science is acquired with patience.

57. Chi non si lascia consigliare, no si può aiutare.

He who cannot be advised, he cannot be helped.

58. Chi loves me, loves il mio cane.

He who loves me, he loves my dog.

59. The bad herb does not die anymore.

Weed never dies.

60. Beautiful far niente thing.

Idleness is a beautiful thing.

61. Chè per vendetta mai non sanò piaga.

Revenge never healed a wound.

62. At first sight.

At first sight.

63. Da chi mi fido, mi guardi Dio, da chi non mi fido guarderò io.

A man's worst enemies are often those of his own house.

64. Year of snow, year of good.

Snow year, rich year.

65. Noi non potemo avere perfetta vita senza amici.

We can't have a perfect life without friends.

66. Run long chi non torna mai.

He who runs away never returns.

67. Chi ha l'amor nel petto, ha sprone a'fiachi.

He who has love in his chest, has spurs on his sides

68. A chi dai il dito if you turn on the braccio too.

Give them the finger and they will take your arm.

69. Scusa non richiesta, accusa manifesta.

A guilty conscience needs no accuser.

70. Well done.

At your pleasure.

71. Badate a' fatti vostri.

Mind your own business.

72. Capo d'anno.

New Year.

73. Meglio tardi che mai.

Better late than never.

74. Niente più tosto si secca che lacrime.

Nothing dries faster than tears.

75. L'abito non fa il monaco.

The habit do not do the monk.

76. Meglio tardi che mai.

Better late than never.

77. To you comfortable.

At your pleasure, at your convenience.

78. Il bugiardo deve avere good memory.

The liar must have a good memory.

79. È a great pacier la morte.

Death is a great peacemaker.

80. A chi fa male, mai mancano scuse.

Whoever does evil is never short of excuses.

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