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With ENDI, your Therapist listens to you, understands you, without judgement, gets to the source of the problem to help you face it and overcome it. We guarantee personalized attention and absolute confidentiality, respect and professional treatment in all situations. About us? We are psychologists with a high human sense. We have successfully integrated experience and preparation. A solid interdisciplinary team that differentiates itself by providing attention focused on situations and problems where the most important thing is the person. Our reason for being is that you find well-being with the help of one of our professionals. How do we do it? From your first consultation, your Psychotherapist will help you reduce emotional discomfort and will accompany you to solve problems that may be causing anxiety in your life. Access in the modality of your preference, whether face-to-face, online, chat, call or walk; You can express yourself openly. For more information about our team of psychologists and our services, visit our site:

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All our Therapists are Collegiate and Licensed

Coaching and psychotherapy have been proven to be highly effective intervention models. By integrating professionals with experience and specialization in both models, ENDI addresses care for psychological, emotional and results-based development in the broadest possible way.

Psychologists in Santiago de Compostela

Educational Neuropsychologist We are a comprehensive intervention center focused on enhancing cog...

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Psychologists in Villanueva de la Cañada

Psychologist My training, my professional experience and my own life experience allow me to happi...

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Susana De La Torre Cano

My name is Susana de la Torre and I am a health psychologist. I want to help you have a calmer, f...

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