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Psychologist Álvaro Barea (Madrid)

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Graduated in Psychology from the University of Jaén, Postgraduate in Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychology. With a Master's Degree in General Health Psychology at the International University of Valencia and another Master's Degree in Clinical Sexology and Couples Therapy at the Higher Institute of Psychological Studies. I am a Clinical Psychologist specializing in addictions and detoxification with extensive experience throughout throughout the national territory, directing several centers and coordinating multidisciplinary professional teams. I am currently developing my professional activity at the Alfi European Institute, located on Calle de la Hiedra, 2D in Madrid. I have a vocation for help and a passion for the personal growth of my patients. I am a specialist in Cognitive-Behavioral, Systemic Therapies and the Minnesota method. I develop both individual and group therapies that equally include adolescents and adults of all ages. Both in Spanish and English.

I have extensive training and a fruitful professional career in the world of addiction treatment and Dual Pathology. In addition, I am also a specialist in self-esteem problems, anxiety disorders, depression, with ADHD patients, personality disorders and/or with health problems.

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Personalized treatment for all patients. Professionalism. Closeness. Respect. High Motivation and High level of Commitment.

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