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Psychologist European Institute Alfi (Madrid)

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Instituto Europeo Alfi is a detoxification and addiction center located in Madrid. We help people of all kinds to overcome themselves to get out of the problem of addiction and to recover their lives. Among our specialties are addiction to drugs, alcohol, food, benzodiazepines, shopping, addiction to gambling, sex, video games, cell phones and the news. technologies. We also treat cases of anxiety and depression. We have a great vocation and commitment to help people get out of addiction. We treat people of all ages. and we accompany them in the different phases of addiction: from detoxification and detoxification to the reintegration of the patient. in society with an adequate and tailored follow-up. We also work with dual pathologies associated with any addiction and we have a very complete team in all areas. From general health psychologists, psychiatrists specializing in addictions, recovered addicts with training in therapist, personal sports trainers, monitors and nutritionists to attend to our patients in a global.

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To help our patients we have various treatments: an admission center available and open 24 hours; therapeutic floor constantly monitored; day center and various tailor-made therapy sessions. Our goal is to help our patients achieve detoxification and detoxification from addictions of all kinds. That is why we also have individual and group therapies, therapies with veterans and online therapies.

Personalized treatment for all patients. Professionalism. Closeness. Respect. High Motivation and High level of Commitment. Available 24 hours every day of the week. Free first consultation

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