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Psychologist Alondra Tavera Jaramillo (San José)

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I have a degree in psychology with a clinical emphasis. I am currently pursuing a master's degree in forensic psychology. My areas of expertise are anxiety disorders, depression, panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorders, duels, among others, as well as collecting and studying behaviors and behaviors that are useful in the context of a judgment. Within my clinical practice I use evidence-based approaches and I keep myself in constant training.

I usually work from the TREC and Cognitive Emotional approach, I am also passionate about attention in the assessment and attention of learning problems. From the clinical approach, I focus on psychological disorders and mental disorders to help with prevention, detection and treatment of these problems and I offer psychometric testing services for a process of assessment.

I have knowledge from the Cognitive Behavioral approach. I make expert reports to assess psychological damage, aggression, violence, sexual abuse, among others. And I do psychological testing and assessment for adopters, learning disabilities, and caregivers. Being carefully selected, verifying measures of reliability and validity supporting the results. Allowing to strengthen intervention strategies and obtain better results. In addition, they will help to know personality traits, clinical manifestations and verify progress.

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