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The 70 best phrases of Opal Tometi

Social movements for equality are on the rise in recent times, thanks to the fact that they have more reach, that allows us to listen to the message of different important figures of activism, as is the case of Opal Tometi. This activist of African-American descent works for the Nigerian-American people, as well as being a writer and co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement.

In this article you will find a selection of the most interesting phrases of Opal Tometi, commented.

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Opal Tometi's most memorable quotes

To listen to the message of this activist, we bring a compilation with the best phrases of Opal Tometi.

1. People are now alert and active because the pandemic has shown how interconnected our lives are.

The pandemic showed us that distance does not prevent us from connecting.

2. The global reality is that Black people are subject to all kinds of disparities on some of the most challenging issues of our day.

A sad experience that we thought had been eliminated for a long time, but discrimination still exists.

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3. We have been fighting and advocating to stop a war on black lives. And this is how we see it: this is a war against black life.

Raising her voice against the blatant violence against the black race in the world.

4. I knew from the beginning that the project was big, that the mandate was big, and that if we use new media and technology, specifically social media, we could get the message across to thousands, if not millions of people.

Wisely using the power of networks to impact the masses.

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5. We finally had time to sit at home and reflect on how our society works and whether or not it works well for all of us. The overwhelming consensus was that it is not, it is insufficient; in fact, it has been unsustainable for decades, if not generations.

The reflection that led Opal to take action on her behalf.

6. I am extremely pleased that people have heard and are taking ownership of Black Lives Matter.

Proud of the impact created with movement.

7. Citizenship is the recognition that all people have inherent dignity in their person, regardless of their religion, race, gender, sexuality or ability.

A nation with true freedom is one where the rights of all are respected, regardless of their characteristics.

8. People are recovering from all kinds of unnatural disasters, displacing them from their ancestral homes and leaving them without a chance at a decent life.

A critique of the displacement of African cultures in their lands.

9. Only when the oppressed are heard can we have an honest dialogue based on solutions.

You cannot negotiate if the voice of those affected is not heard.

10. Knowing that there is a community of people in every corner of this planet who believe in justice, who are willing to sacrifice, and who are willing to take a stand is the most encouraging thing.

What unites us is the feeling of generating a positive change.

Opal Tometi Quotes

11. Black Lives Matter is really an affirmation for our people. It is a love note for our people, but it is also a vindication.

What the creation of Black Lives Matter means.

12. If things don't work out for us, it's our duty to get up.

Sometimes it is necessary to take the first step to get what we want.

13. The police cannot be allowed to continue aggressive, violent and often unconstitutional policing with impunity.

It is necessary to solve the problem of racist aggressiveness in the police.

14. We have to start imagining a new reality: this will mean fewer police officers and more social workers and teachers.

An interesting revolutionary proposal.

15. Racism against blacks doesn't just happen in the United States. In fact, it is happening all over the world.

And with the movement, we were able to observe this fact.

16. What inspires me these days are immigrants. Immigrants from all over the world who are doing the best they can to make a living, survive and also prosper.

Taking inspiration from the needs of immigrants in the United States.

17. Thinking back to this time, for me, before this, I felt like we weren't working fast enough... Our work was not as effective as it should be.

Even when her message was reaching success, for Opal and her associates it wasn't enough.

18. The reality is that this is a peaceful human rights movement led by incredibly brave black people.

Just and humane people who want a better future.

19. Our mission is to build a multiracial democracy.

An equal democracy for all.

20. We took to the streets for this and the partners came with us to say that people do not want to live in a world where black people are treated with contempt and disdain.

No person should live in a place where they are despised.

21. The time is over for a charismatic leader. Today we feel the strength of people who are part of a network and make their voices heard because they have different abilities.

Today's situations call for other types of leaders.

22. Finding the strength and wisdom within our cultures can be so healing.

Know that they are not alone, but that they are a strong culture.

23. We also believe that we cannot be truly free when marginalized Black communities stand on the sidelines and are forgotten.

No place is truly free until everyone enjoys that freedom.

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24. We are now at a time when people have no excuses to deny the injustice that is happening in the midst of a global pandemic.

With the great impact of social networks, we are able to reach more news in the world.

25. When you're sitting at home or living at a slower pace and you see black people in your community being attacked, killed, killed by vigilantes and by the police, you wake up, take action and get up quickly.

It is impossible to remain indifferent to cruel acts for long.

26. People have begun to engage in mutual aid and support for their neighbors.

In difficult moments, it is when we know the true nature of a person.

27. People are really trying to show up right now for black people, but I think they're doing that too because they've been pissed off for a minute.

It is a voice for all those who identify with the similar situations they live.

28. Valuing profit over people impedes human rights in much of the world.

Unfortunately, the people with the largest economy are the ones with the most rights and the most excuses for their actions.

29. I have always felt that I want to change the course of history.

A motivation that she has carried within herself.

30. We use our online social media presence to broadcast a conversation about what is happening in black communities.

Social networks can also be a platform to inform people and not just to entertain them.

31. People now know that in their respective industries and countries, they have a responsibility to ensure that Black people are respected, protected, and affirmed.

Every institution has a duty to care for its workers.

32. I was probably the only one out of the three who said, 'Come on, let's be big, let's catch everyone.'

Opal was the one who gave the necessary spark to make this move.

33. She was interested in giving people like black people, poor people who have been marginalized, brutalized, a chance to have more visibility.

Give a voice to people who are often not heard.

34. So my belief and my vision of these protests is that they are different because they are marked by a period that has been deeply personal to millions of Americans and residents of the United States, and that has them more tender or sensitive to what is going.

Even the protests evolve, depending on the need that moves them.

35. People understand that this system is full of all kinds of inequality and injustice.

Even when they claim to work for justice and equality.

36. That means supporting and investing in Black lives to ensure they are safe and dignified.

Guarantee the rights that everyone deserves.

37. One thing I just want to underline is that the world is watching us.

And with all eyes on them, they raised their voices to be heard.

38. Despite claims that there are good cops and bad cops, we know that the system is failing everyone, including the police.

Many people who consider themselves "good" excuse their malicious acts believing that it is necessary.

39. In my own personal experience, I have had different family members who have been in immigration detention because they have had some type of financial challenge.

A very personal situation that inspired her to generate the change that everyone needs.

40. They were making tough decisions, and that led to their immigration detention and eventually deportation.

When people get caught up, they do risky and impulsive things that can get them in trouble later.

41. I absolutely believe that people are concerned about police brutality.

How to trust a force that only abuses people?

42. We see these demonstrations of solidarity popping up all over the world, and I have friends texting me with their images in France, the Netherlands and Costa Rica, and people show me that they are performing in solidarity.

The way he knew his movement was making a mark on the world.

43. We must create a committee to address long-standing discrimination against Black people in America.

The destination you want to reach.

44. Before seven years ago, we could barely get the news to talk about police violence, let alone police death.

You can't hide the truth forever, especially when there are now so many ways to see it.

45. I wasn't necessarily thinking about the organizational structure... I was thinking mainly of building a mass movement that people can be a part of and feel an identity around.

Your main idea to form the organization.

46. Lean on your curiosity about any topic and there are likely to be people who will share a little more of their knowledge and insight and give you ideas on how to make changes.

Never underestimate the power of your imagination.

47. For the US, a nation that prides itself on being the land of the free, falls short of its ideal.

The biggest problem the United States has ever had and it still hasn't been solved.

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48. If black lives mattered, I believe immigration policing and enforcement would not be the devastating force it is in our communities.

It is necessary that more beneficial measures be taken for immigrants.

49. Even if people didn't have much, they still cared for each other. Through this, we began to see the ways in which new networks were being built.

You don't need to have great things to contribute a grain of sand.

50. Things feel different this time around because we were able to tap into our sense of our own agency, our own power, and our genuine love for each other.

Thanks to their media coverage they were able to emerge strongly.

51. We do not believe that there can be a trickle-down social justice. We believe that people on the margins should be put in the center.

A critique of the constant placement of immigrants in marginalized areas.

52. We have to protect ourselves [because they face death threats], and part of that protection is knowing that there are multiple leaders.

Leaders are those who encourage the masses because they listen to their messages.

53. Black individualities are also reflecting within the movement.

It is not a closed group, but an invitation to all those who want a change.

54. Black people have been on the sidelines for many years and racism has impacted us for a long time.

There is no evil that lasts a thousand years and this situation is no different.

55. I think we are demanding justice and freedom for our people.

Rights that all people should enjoy equally.

56. We have received all the awards. I'm like, 'Oh my God, I don't want another award, I want this to end. I don't care about any more praise! This to me is common sense. You don't want to see people dying and being killed like that.

This movement was never to win awards, but to bring about a change in justice.

57. With the pandemic they got tired, they reached the limit, seeing that, still confined and going through a health and economic crisis, blacks continued to be killed with impunity.

The pandemic led us to observe the world from other perspectives.

58. Racism should be a central concern for all Americans in all areas of our lives.

In such an advanced world, there should be no room for racism.

59. Right now there are more than 244 million people who do not live in their country of origin. This is a 40 percent increase from the year 2000. So what this tells me is that the disparities around the world are only getting worse.

No person leaves her country unless she is forced to.

60. What we need now more than ever is a human rights movement that challenges systemic racism in all contexts.

A more active movement and not settle until all your demands are met.

61. This will mean creating more economic opportunity and investments that preserve and do not displace our communities.

Part of the goals he seeks to achieve with the Black Lives Matter movement.

62. Black immigrants and refugees have as much at stake in the fight to make Black Lives Matter as African Americans.

All people who have been victims of injustice should support each other.

63. We know that the system was not designed to do justice for us.

The system has always been inaccurate, benefiting whoever can buy it.

64. Implicit bias and outright racism are ingrained in the way policing in this nation, and when you think about it historically, it was founded as a patrol of slaves.

A harsh criticism of the approach that police abusers have.

65. We created #BlackLivesMatter. We create a platform.

A refuge where everyone can find their place to fight.

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66. We know that it is becoming more and more important to step up and defend all Black lives, including queer and trans people, and the international community has a role to play in this struggle.

A fight to seek the rights of all minorities.

67. It is fundamentally about all our human rights; that includes people from the mainland and queer or trans people.

A movement that makes us understand that we are all human, regardless of our characteristics.

68. We are finally achieving mass consciousness.

An awareness that leads us to observe the abuses and not remain silent in the face of them.

69. We are seeing a widespread awareness and commitment to anti-racism that we have needed for a long time.

It is time for racism to be extinguished forever throughout the world.

70. I think about issues like climate change and how six of the 10 nations most affected by climate change are actually on the African continent.

A reality that has been generated by the overexploitation of resources.
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