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Psychologist Froilan Recatalá (Castelló de la Plana)

I am a psychologist who works with the cognitive-behavioral approach, dedicating myself to clinical psychology, educational psychology and conducting judicial reports. I practice brief psychotherapy using the most powerful and up-to-date techniques for each disorder, in such a way that I get therapies to last between 6 and 15 sessions as maximum. I practice a policy of transparency explaining what technique we are going to use, what it consists of and what we expect from you. Support material will be provided. Each therapy will also be adapted to the profile of each client and their personal problems. It will be a space for reflection, where in an atmosphere of respect, the client will be able to understand what is happening to him and how to overcome it.

I am dedicated to clinical psychology for adolescents and adults from a cognitive-behavioral perspective. I use emotional control techniques such as deep breathing and muscle relaxation. Through an evaluation I will make a diagnosis that will indicate the type of emotional problem we are facing, in order to apply the most appropriate techniques for its solution. I treat anxiety problems such as simple phobias, social phobia, obsessions, panic attacks, work stress and generalized anxiety. I also treat depressive problems, couple and sexual problems and addictions.

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I have extensive and deep preparation. I have a master's degree in clinical psychology and many training courses on the different disorders we treat usually: anxiety disorders, treatment of depression, couples therapy, sexual dysfunctions, addictions. I also have a master's degree in learning difficulties that allows me to deal with the problems that students: reading and writing difficulties, attentional problems, problems derived from a lack of study strategies adequate. I also have training in the field of legal psychology.

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