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Psychologist Rosalina Aviña Guerrero (San Francisco del Rincón)

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I am a professional in my work, I seek to innovate and provide the best service to my patients.

I have extensive experience in emotional psychological and clinical Neuropsychological approach with children, adolescents and older adults. I attend in the following areas: Speech and language disorders. neurocognitive disorders. Learning problems. Psychomotor stimulation. Behavior problems. Attention disorders. Memory disorders. Emotional and anxiety difficulties. Neurodevelopmental disorders. Mild cognitive impairment. Alzheimer's disorder. Motor disorders.

I have a Master's degree in Clinical Neuropsychology. I have a degree in psychology. I also have the following qualifications: Diploma in Philosophy for Children and Young People. Diploma in adolescent disorders: diagnosis, evaluation and intervention. Diploma in play psychotherapy with children, with a psychoanalytic approach. Diploma in Educational Psychomotricity. Diploma in speech and language disorders. I have ten years of experience in the field, both in the educational institutional area, as well as in the private clinic.

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