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The 5 advantages of being an honest person

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Honesty is a quality that helps promote authenticity, being a reflection of thoughts and feelings. In addition, it encourages courage and helps demonstrate to other people that we are a trustworthy person, when it creates a secure connection with them. On the other hand, honesty attracts other honest people, so we will be surrounded by authentic people who can help enrich our experiences.

Among the advantages of being an honest person, the following should also be highlighted: it promotes good understanding and communication with others, it can help in the workplace and also when it comes to achieving certain goals, it should be noted that honesty can be beneficial for mental health.

If you want to know more about the advantages of being an honest person, in this article we are going to explain the main ones in more detail but first we will talk about of the meaning of honesty and we will expose the main characteristics of honest people.

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Characteristics of an honest person

Honesty, from the Latin honestĭtas, -ātis, is the quality of honest people (an adjective with meanings such as "straight, honest, fair, reasonable or decorous", among others) that consists of communicate and behave openly, reasonably and trying to be correct. Likewise, honesty is a way of acting that usually goes hand in hand with those intrinsic values ​​of honest people.

On the other hand, it should be noted that in order to consider that a person is completely honest, their thoughts and feelings They should be in accordance with their actions and it would also be normal for their values ​​to be in accordance with the norms of their community.

honest people tend to avoid expressing themselves and behaving reprehensibly towards others since their behavior and their way of communicating are usually developed from loyalty and sincerity based on universal moral principles; therefore, we would say that honesty is closely related to the principles of justice and truth.

In addition, honesty is considered a fundamental moral value to be able to establish interpersonal relationships that are based on sincerity, trust and, of course, mutual respect, something that is very positive for health mental. And it is that honesty usually influences various aspects of life as it manifests itself socially and also in inner life, without ruling out the intimate environment of honest people. It's more, in an honest person, even the most insignificant acts are usually governed by honesty (p. g., telling the seller that he has refunded a larger amount of money for his purchase).

Before proceeding to explain the advantages of being an honest person, we are going to list the main characteristics of honest people, these being the following:

  • Honest people usually show trust in others, being also trustworthy people.
  • They use direct language normally by expressing themselves clearly and bluntly.
  • Honest people tend to behave in a way that is consistent with what they express and, above all, with their values.
  • Honest people tend to have good self-esteem and are usually quite self-confident.
Benefits of being an honest person
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What are the advantages of being an honest person?

Honesty could be considered as a virtue or a very positive quality and the reality is that in many Sometimes you don't cultivate enough, not to say that sometimes it's hard to find honest people entirely. This quality is about words and behaviors developing within truth and even justice. Moreover, when a person is honest, normally his actions usually have an intention that makes that person be transparent, clear or without unnecessary embellishments that could generate any type of confusion or doubt.

For all this and other positive aspects related to honesty, by demonstrating this virtue to the people around the honest people, it is quite likely that they can be entrusted with responsibilities of great importance, not to mention that it facilitates that relationships are strengthened since those who really know an honest person trust them unconditionally usually. Next, we are going to explain in greater detail what those advantages of being an honest person are.

1. Allows you to attract other honest people

One of the main advantages of being an honest person is the fact that when a person behaves and communicates with others honestly often ends up attracting other people who are also honest. This it is very positive when it comes to developing healthy, robust and lasting interpersonal relationships, so that they are more likely to find good, honest friends whom they can trust.

In addition, honesty allows you to establish sentimental relationships based on trust in a way that is more likely to last.

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2. Help at work level

Honesty also benefits professionally, since honest people tend to have a good relationship with their co-workers and are also more likely to end up being rewarded economically and also to through possible recommendations to other companies.

In addition, honesty can be a very distinctive trait, so that employers come to value fidelity and loyalty, which can help when it comes to obtaining positions of trust and great responsibility within the company, not to mention the advantages it could have for improve the climate within the company and also favor the good performance of the workers when they have a person in charge or in charge who be honest

On the other hand, honesty can favor the execution of tasks at work with fluidity, since when a person communicates honestly encourages problem solving and this could help increase productivity. On the contrary, if certain things are hidden when communicating, valuable time can be lost clarifying postures when they collide with each other, so that productivity levels could drop.

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3. It can help in reaching goals

Another advantage of being an honest person is the help that this virtue can provide when it comes to achieving goals, since when a person is honest and also sincere, without the need to worry about pretending to be what they are not, their mind is more focused on achieving the goals that person has come to propose. In this way, he will also use his time and all his energy in the fulfillment of the objectives that are gradually moving towards those final goals.

Also, acting this way there is less risk of defrauding those people who have put their trust in that honest person, so they could also benefit from the achievement of the proposed goals.

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4. Promotes good understanding and communication with others

Communication with other people is very important for the correct development of people on a day-to-day basis, being essential in various areas: social, work or academic and many more. In that sense, one of the advantages of being an honest person is that this quality can favor a good understanding with others and, therefore, the quality of communication with other people.

Also, honesty helps a person eventually become capable of expressing judgments with the ability not to harm other people. And it is that when a person is honest and consistent with it, when applying it in all contexts, it will become appreciated and listened to by others, which is very beneficial when establishing contact with other people.

5. Honesty can be beneficial for one's mental health

Finally, it is worth mentioning that one of the main advantages of being an honest person is that when a person is honest, his conscience will be clear, and his actions are more likely to be in accordance with your values, so that the chances of developing anxiety are minimized. Likewise, these people tend to suffer from fewer headaches, as well as less They are likely to have any symptoms related to anxiety about having done wrong. shapes.

In research published in 2017 by a group of researchers led by American neuroscientist Molly J. Crockett, it was shown that the brain responds in a satisfactory way before the appropriate thoughts and behaviors, being thus less likely to occur cognitive dissonance. To do this, they scanned the brains of a group of volunteers who were subjected to questions about if they would be willing to harm other people anonymously in exchange for a benefit economic.

What could be observed was that most of the people who participated in the study were not satisfied, as reflected in the brain scan applied to them.

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