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The 56 best phrases of Federico Moccia

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The phrases of Federico Moccia They are a sample of why this Italian writer has become famous: in a few words, they express a lot, especially when they deal with love. In this article you will find a selection of these.

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Quotes by Federico Moccia

At the beginning of his career as a writer, Federico Moccia suffered rejection on several occasions, but he did not give up on his desire to publish his first book. Now his work has many reissues. His success lies in the themes that he usually addresses in his works, they are always used to express feelings related to love and hope.

Three meters over the sky, is his most famous work, and has been translated into 15 languages. The Moccia effect is well known throughout the world and has generated various rituals that come from his works, such as padlocks on various bridges around the world. His work has come to materialize in these landscapes.

Here is a compilation of the best phrases of Federico Moccia.

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1. In life, we always look for explanations. We waste time looking for a reason. But sometimes it doesn't exist. And sad as it may seem, that is precisely the explanation.

This phrase can serve as a lesson about the inexplicable things that happen to us.

2. In life you cannot have everything; however, it is necessary to aspire to it, because happiness is not a goal but a lifestyle

It is the experience that we live in that path called life.

3. It may be necessary to travel before knowing what is the right goal for us

Moving without a compass is also an option to find our route in life.

4. If you are constantly aware of the opinion of others, of what they will say, you are not free to tell your story. However, the best thing is the freedom to do it, you don't have to let yourself be conditioned

Live from that freedom and everything you can get through them.

5. When the heart makes up its mind, when it has the courage to change course, one should not wait

One of Federico Moccia's phrases in which he talks about the nature of love.

6. Some movies make life seem so much easier than it is. That's why disappointments come later

This appreciation of Moccia is close to the realities of many people who fell into the pit of unfulfilled expectations.

7. The most beautiful love is a wrong calculation, an exception that proves the rule, that for which you have always used the word "never"

love surprises us and there where its power impacts us that we cannot remain impassive.

8. Excuse me, but I'm in the open sea. You are my lighthouse. don't turn off

When love becomes a central element in your life.

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9. The paths fork, each one taking a direction thinking that in the end the paths will join again. From your path you see the other person getting smaller and smaller

Time makes us distance ourselves from our past experiences.

10. It is you who you should not trust... Excessive security makes you slip more easily

Security does not work if you have not reviewed the plan well.

11. There are moments when everything seems possible and everything can change. Where everything is at your fingertips. Easy and pretty. But suddenly doubt comes, the fear of being wrong and of not having understood well what the heart really feels

On uncertainty when identifying emotions.

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12. The secret after a victory is not to play again. You have to know how to get up from the table at the right time

We must learn to close each vital stage at the correct time.

13. When you chase a dream, you find many signs along the way that show you the direction, but if you're afraid you don't see them.

Fear denies you the possibility of living the experience.

14. Sometimes, what might seem strange, something impure, is nothing but a different beauty that we don't know how to accept. At least not yet

It all depends on the perspective from which you look at it.

15. Three meters above the sky is a sensation that runs through your body at 100,000 bytes per second, causing a blood supply that nourishes the heart until it pumps a thousand per hour

This phrase by Federico Moccia is addressed to the film Three meters over the sky.

16. Sometimes fear is an ugly thing. It does not let you live the most beautiful moments. It's a kind of curse, if you don't know how to beat it

About the negative effects of fear when he has already ruled us.

17. Those who truly die are those who do not live. Those who hold back because they are scared of what they will say. Those who make discounts to happiness

Reflection on repressed behaviors.

18. We were together, I forgot about the rest of the world

There are presences that kidnap you.

19. There are so many things that I miss. But today I feel like not thinking

Healthy and refreshing alternatives

20. It could be said that in love, pain is proportional to the beauty of the story you have lived. a good maxim

An appreciation of certain types of suffering.

21. You are there, high up, unreachable. There where only lovers arrive: "You and I... Three meters above the sky

Another phrase of the work Three meters over the sky which sums up the essence of it.

22. Any decision inevitably entails a moment of pain and happiness

...since all of them make us face doubts.

23. When you waste time on the phone, when the minutes go by without you realizing it, when words don't make sense, when you think that if someone listened to you she'd think you're crazy, when neither of you -feels like hanging up, when after she's hung up you see that she really did, then you're lost. Or rather, you're in love

An interesting way to describe being in love.

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24. Love is a wrong calculation, a bet to play that does not respond to our logic

This phrase by Federico Moccia is close to an idea that love is not rational.

25 Tuning is something that has to do with music. Or worse, with circuits. Love, on the other hand, is when you don't breathe, when it's absurd, when you miss it, when it's beautiful even if it's out of tune, when it's crazy.

It's nice, from the experience of the other.

26. Sooner or later the things you have left behind catch up with you. And the stupidest things, when you're in love, you remember them as the most beautiful. Because its simplicity has no comparison

In that state many things are justifiable.

27. The best solutions are found on the fly. They are there, in the air, ready for us. Just catch them. It always depends on the moment in which we meet, of course, but thinking too much about one thing can spoil it.

Sometimes thinking and rethinking some things can ruin your essence.

28. Sympathy is essential. Born from imperfection

Of the accept that imperfection.

29. I love you above all that we cannot see, above all that we cannot know

One of Federico Moccia's most lyrical phrases.

30. It feels good to think about the past when the future is scary

A reflection on the management of expectations.

31. Prince Charming does not exist. Loving is something else: it is accepting a person with their defects and mistakes.

About accepting reality and letting go of expectations.

32. Things end when there is a reason for them to end, a valid reason

A valid motive for love can be the result of an analysis with an alienated heart.

33. When a love ends you can find everything, except why

There is not much room for justifications.

34. When a story ends with pain, it is normally proportional to the beauty of the love experienced. And then, they arrive on time for treason, memories

a grieving process that we all have to face at some point.

35. And when you least expect it, when you think that everything is going in the wrong direction, that your life, programmed in every little detail, is sinking... suddenly, it happens

...and in this way the most beautiful things have happened.

36. The strangest thing is that sometimes we don't realize how much the people around us love us.

Sometimes it is that same love that blinds us.

37. An accident can be positive or negative. It depends on how you look. The way your life changes from that moment

It all depends on your posture.

38. And it is there, right at that moment, when you realize that things only happen once, and no matter how much you make an effort, you will never feel the same again, you will never have the sensation of being three meters above the ground. darling

And for that reason their value is incalculable.

39. And in an instant I remember everything I couldn't tell you, everything I would have wanted you to know, the beauty of my love. That's what I wanted to show you

About failed plans of broken hopes.

40. You only notice the wonder of a love when you have already lost it

Many times that is the only way to do it.

41. Remember, dream and follow my advice: lightness. A smile and everything will seem easier

A powerful weapon that helps us cope with all kinds of circumstances.

42. Life is a series of dreams that end badly, it's like a shooting star that fulfills someone else's wishes

And we will never know the real reason.

43. There is no turning back, you feel it, and just then you try to remember when it all started and you discover that it all started earlier than you thought

This phrase tries to explain the way in which we are involved by love.

44. Love is like ghosts, everyone talks about it but few have really seen it

A good analogy for these times.

45. I would look at you millions of times without ever learning you by heart

Fabulous things are sometimes hard to take.

46. Love is like lightning, you don't know where it falls until it has fallen

Falling in love always takes us by surprise.

47. Sometimes words can be dangerous, they get ahead of us and say more than we originally intended to express.

The lightness of their nature can sometimes be dangerous.

48. There is only one thing that has the power to change a person's life: love

...and transforms it in an incredible way.

49. Love makes ordinary people extraordinary

Since we give qualities that sometimes do not exist.

51. Do you know what I like about you? That you see things where others only see darkness

Know how to highlight the good it's a beautiful quality.

52. Because with you I learned that you can't go back, that the essence of life is to go forward. Now I am clear that life, in reality, is a one-way street

The places may be similar but they are never the same, it is a journey of no return.

53. Lovesickness. It does not heal easily. There are no medicines. No remedies. Nobody knows when it will happen. You don't even know how much it hurts. Only time heals

Time has that power to put things in their place.

54. Realize that the future depends on now; If the future worries you so much, take care of the present

It's the best thing you can take care of.

55. She, simple fertilizer for that plant that often grows on top of the grave of a withered love. That rare plant whose name is happiness

Happiness has strange places to take root

56. Thank you for existing, can you say a more beautiful phrase to a woman? It's like admitting that just because she is there, because she exists. That alone is already a gift to the world

Looking for the simplicity of words to express affection.

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