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5 keys to rediscover fasting

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The World Health Organization (WHO) has defined stress as an "epidemic of the 21st century".. Although stress is a natural response of our body in specific cases, today this state of Mental exhaustion, which can cause both mental and physical disorders, is present in many of our lives.

At we organize fasting retreats to help distance ourselves from this fast-paced world, with the presence of immediate communication increasingly integrated into our daily lives. The world evolves with new technologies that in a few years will transform our environment. We are prepared? Will we adapt?

Both at a professional level, with daily work, meetings, trips... and at a personal level with daily tasks, children, parents, etc… At the end of the day we find ourselves exhausted looking for a way to recharge our batteries but sometimes we even find it difficult to sleep repairman.

And our body in all this?

In addition to our state of fatigue, sometimes without realizing it, the rhythm leads us to neglect our figure, we don't have time, so we eat what is there, what we find easily, processed or semi-processed food, what we find path. And one day we realize that we have gained a few extra kilos, we have stopped taking care of ourselves.

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Relax, let ourselves be taken care of, flee from the human anthill of the cities, discover new activities and relaxation techniques, to find ourselves again, these are the purposes that we offer in MyFast.

Does fasting represent a new technique?

No, fasting has existed in many religions for centuries, such as Christian fasting. (Lent), Islamic (Ramadan), Jewish (Yom Kippur), Hindu, Buddhist and Mormon fasting, among others.

In religions, fasting was initially associated with the purification of souls. But it has always been related to a way for the body to regenerate both physically and mentally.

The purposes of fasting within our 21st century lifestyles

But... What is the purpose of fasting and what benefits does it bring us both physically and psychologically? We meet him below.

1. A quiet and relaxing place

The first important point to start a fast is to choose the environment. It is essential to feel good, calm, and in good company in order to relax and accompany our body in this unique experience that is fasting. At you can discover the different locations where we offer to fast. We believe that, whether in the countryside, in the mountains or by the sea, we have to be able to disconnect from our usual environment, being able to look at the horizon without interference such as the bustle of the city or the walls of concrete.

A place where you can do hiking activities and be able to observe landscapes that make us breathe and reconnect with nature. Combine fasting with hiking, although at first glance it may be hard for us to think that our body has enough strength to walk in this situation, it is the ideal formula to offer your body a moment to detoxify itself natural.

2. Always in a controlled environment

Fasting is not trivial, the body sometimes experiences new reactions that without supervision can destabilize an uninformed person. Apart from children, pregnant women or very weak people, fasting is not contraindicated, however it is recommended to always fast in a structure which prior medical advice is offered to ensure the possibility of doing it in the best conditions (for example in the case of people taking medication).

We always like to feel safe, cared for, find a structure that allows us to experiment fasting surrounded by both hiking professionals and health professionals is very important.

3. Isolate yourself from the outside world

Disconnecting from today's world is not easy, now that mobile phones have become "THE" object of greatest importance in our lives. From waking up with him in the morning, reading the news while having breakfast, reviewing our agenda for the day, answering written messages received during the night, being scared by the number of emails received, knowing what the weather will be like to know how to dress, preparing for the weekend with friends, make sure we have the boarding pass ready for the meeting outside the next day and call our loved ones to make sure they be well…

Isolating ourselves to meet again begins by leaving the mobile in a drawer and not touching the computer either. Who said it was easy? but once the body and mind are achieved, they appreciate it.

It is noise that does not stop stimulating us whether it is electronic noise or noise from the city. Disconnecting is becoming vital, we are human and we have to protect our machine, which is our body.

4. Practice relaxation activities

Combine fasting, hiking with the practice of yoga, meditation and writing, which helps to remove our thoughts and clear the mind, allows to optimize the beneficial effects of fasting. Fasting has many benefits and these relaxation activities for the body help to optimize these benefits.

5. Discover emotional therapies

The fifth key is a formidable opportunity to discover new emotional therapies that just as We still do not know and we have not been able to experiment to get an idea of ​​its potential towards our body.

When a person feels calm, it is an ideal time to release the emotions accumulated in our body.

Being in a state of maximum relaxation, we connect with our body, we are more receptive to experiencing new therapies such as:

  • Reflexology: Therapy that is based on the principles of Chinese medicine that govern acupuncture. Stimulates points on the soles of the feet.
  • Osteopathy: Method of treating imbalances in the body based on massages and manipulations of the joints and muscle tissues.
  • mindfulness: Relaxation technique that helps to become fully aware of our emotions.

With these therapies we can unlock emotions and thus be able to act to: relieve pain, remove anxiety, rebalance our weight, relieve and improve eating disorders, limit states of chronic fatigue, overcome a personal crisis and/or improve our state of health or simply detoxify our body and to be able to return like new to our active life.

And you, have you experienced fasting yet?

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