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Film Um Sonho de Liberdade: summary and interpretations

Um Sonho de Liberdade (The Shawshank Redemption, originally) is an exciting North American drama based on no Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption by Stephen King, published in 1982.

Released in 1994, the film is directed by filmmaker Frank Darabont and is considered a classic.

A plot is told by Ellis Boyd "Red" Redding (Morgam Freeman) and shows the life of Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins), a young banker who was imprisoned in 1946 accused of killing his wife and his lover.

Raised to the terrific Shawshank State Penitentiary, Andy is sentenced to perpetual imprisonment for the conhece or smuggler Red, from which he will become a friend.

letter of the film Um sonho de liberdade

(Attention, or text to follow with spoilers!)

A condemnation of Andy Dufranse

Andy Dufranse sees his life transform when he is convicted of the assassination of his wife and his lover.

Or julgamento is shown interspersing dinners that show a disturbed youth manipulating a firearm. In addition, Andy declares not to be blamed, but he has not been able to prove his innocence and receives a double penalty of perpetual imprisonment.

dinner of the film Um sonho de liberdade
Or ator Tim Robbins not role of Andy Dufranse

O young man on his way to the Shawshank Penitentiary. Quem narrates history and Red, I stop that he was never worth it for a few years and had quite a lot of influence, because he is respected for getting things through smuggling.

A check from Andy à prisão

As in costume, Red and the other inmates face you, tempting to guess who will be the first rookie to render-se a pressão and a local violence. He bets on Andy, but for his surprise, or young man not outlining nenhuma reaction, he stands firm.

Andy's chegada à Shawshank's prison in Um sonho de liberdade

Um outro recém-chegado, porém, had a crise de choro during the night and received as punição uma surra.

Nessa passagem, or film show or psychological despair of the human being or his freedom of withdrawal e to "satisfação" two detentos as a sofrimento of seus iguais. In the meantime, we will not know that next day that or little morreu, makes a certain comoção.

After a while, Andy approaches Red and I have entrusted him with a little martyrdom. Later, he also acquired a poster by actress Rita Hayworth.

Andy's first years in Shawshank

Andy calls attention to a group of detainees who sentenced them to sexually violate other colleagues. For isso, or moço sofre for two years persecution and collective violence.

Likewise, he kept calm and with a behavior very different from his usual place.

At this height, Andy and Red já haviam approached and Red, who is narrating history, he says that his friend is afraid of walking as he is "estivesse em um passeio", as he is, of fato, innocent.

Um sonho de liberdade dinner
Morgan Freeman plays Smuggler Red

Interesting in this observation, you can show a calm personality of the personagem, suggesting that the subject of a clear conscience, as evidenced not belonging to that place.

Perhaps due to shame, repentance or the need to pass away, a majority of two prisoners were also said to be innocent in serious crimes. So it was frequent to affirm that “na cadeia all sao innocents”.

Or work this year to free the beers not late at night

At some point, Andy, Red and other colleagues are summoned to work on the waterproofing of a telhado. O work arises as a good opportunity to do a free activity.

At that time, either the protagonist listens to a conversation with Byron Hadley, or the chef two guards, demanding that he pay high taxes on imposts on a herança that he received.

Andy then, because he is a former bank and is not aware of the matter, he approached and suggested to help Hadley in exchange of a round of beers for you prisoners to do not serve.

Assim e feito e os detentos conseguem take advantage of a late afternoon as fossem homens comuns e livres em a simple "happy hour".

Um sonho de liberdade dinner

Meanwhile, Andy himself does not drink the beers, as soon as he observes how great satisfaction his companions are, he will have fun and rest, getting to trust and respect them.

Isso shows um sentiment of comunhão e parceria. Second or own personagem: "Um homem working to or free, drinking a beer, feel more human."

Or film shows a sensitive position to or humanize homens who were convicted and imprisoned. Many times the detention is ignored by the society and discharged as it does not deserve a dignified treatment.

Andy e o work in the library

In order to demonstrate his knowledge of financial transactions, Andy was directed to work in the library with Brooks Hatlen, a former prisoner.

Um sonho de liberdade dinner

This is a pretext for the former bank to provide service to the employees of the cadeia. Either way, Andy wraps himself up as books and goes on to write letters every week for the state assembly in order to get resources for library reform.

As a tempo, he was summoned to do small work for the penitentiary director, Samuel Norton.

His life becomes easier and more comfortable not place. Here, it is possible to notice how, I tied the same in prison, or intellectual work is more valued than or braced work.

A libertação de Brooks Hatlen

Brooks Hatlen was a senhor who was sentenced to prison 50 years ago. Assim, he spent more of his life in prison.

In 1954 his freedom was granted, but contrary to the expectations of two colleagues, Brooks reported very badly to the news. He tries, even, to attack a detainee with the intention of continuing with the cadeia.

It may seem difficult to understand or why someone prefers prison. More context, simple explanation: Brooks got used to being a prisoner and tinha half gives freedom. As disse or narrator, the relevance to Shawshank.

Interestingly, o idoso gostava de pássaros e criou um corvo for years. No day that he was let go, Brooks freed me too.

Um sonho de liberdade dinner
Brooks Hatlen and lived hair by James Whitmore

Ao will return to or convivio in society, or ex-detainee did not manage to adapt, entered in depression and ended up throwing to own life.

Ace birds symbolize freedom, when or I have seen ainda as a representation of chance. Dessa form, an association between this personagem and or corvo fez much sense, pois carrega a Contradiction between freedom and death.

To classical music as I comfort the old days

Certain day, the library of the presídio receives a doação. Among you books, there is also a taxation of Le nozze di Figaro, a Mozart opera.

Andy fica animated with music and resolve, sem permissão, place the no auto-failure system so that the prisoners can hear it. All ficam dazzled and param tudo or that is fazendo to appreciate opera.

Even being pressured to disengage, Andy stood firm and seized the moment, because he knew that it brought a little bit of joy and art to companions.

Um dinner sonho de liberdade em that Andy ouve classical music

For disobedience, it is received as a punishment for a solitary week.

Here the history evidences Importance of art in life of people and reveal one more time or sensitive and generous character of personagem.

Ao turn from punishment, we see a conversation in which Andy told Red that he is hoping for a feeling that he will face. Red, for your time, aconselha or friend to leave the hope, pois isso só traz frustration.

Andy e o work for o director Samuel Norton

O director of the prison, Samuel Norton, is a little guy who says he believes in Deus in the Bible. Meanwhile, essa The condition of "religious homem" serves only to disguise his lack of character..

Samuel Norton em Um sonho de liberdade
Bob Gunton no role of director of prison Samuel Norton

He began to divert money through the exploration of the prisoner's work and forced Andy to help him. Assim, the protagonist becomes even more necessary for the director of the lavagem de dinheiro scheme.

Andy creates a false identity as "Randall Stephens" to prevent and dribble possible investigations.

A passagem by Tommy Williams na prisão

In 1965 he chega à prison Tommy Williams, a young rebel who has never been through various penitentiaries.

Tommy had not completed the studies and asked Andy to teach him how to write. Por isso, you two approaches and Andy tells the reason for being in prison.

Tommy is surprised by the story and tells that he once knew a prisoner who revealed himself to be a murder killer. O subject, he also told me that the husband of the woman was a bank that was imprisoned in his place.

Andy is ecstatic with the possibility of finally being able to prove his innocence. Then Samuel Norton was attached and asked Tommy to stand up for him. He further says that he will never tell anyone about the dinheiro lavagem schemes.

More than a furious director, he rejeitates any possibility that his "arm direito" is released. He called Tommy for a conversation on the side of the prisoner and the raptor. Além disso, he turns Andy na lonely for a month to reaffirm his power.

Um sonho de liberdade dinner
Gil Bellows é o ator who gives life to Tommy Williams

This is a shocking passage of the film and show I tied where I could chegar crueldade and a ganância of a human being, além da ingratidão.

You say that he is solitary, Andy tells Red that he dreamed of a day of prison and living in Zihuatanejo, a city in Mexico.

Two prisoners contagem

Um tempo depois, em uma manhã, you keep two prisoners contagious and aware that Andy was empty.

They then discover the wall of a huge buraco behind the poster of Raquel Welch. During the 20 years that he was in custody, Andy had dug a tunnel like a small hammer, which he acquired as well as he had.

Dinner escapes em Um sonho de liberdade
O director Samuel Norton when he discovers Andy Dufranse's escape

In this way, he managed to escape from Shawshank through the pipeline of esgoto. Andy amarrou condos us on a plastic bag with the documents that provavam a corruption of Norton.

Freely, he gets to incriminate the director of the cadeia, who commits suicide, and takes the identity of Randall Stephens (or "ghost" personage), also hitting me or dinheiro das transactions.

Assim, he can finally go to Mexico for a quiet life from the sea.

The teachings that are clear here are of what It is worth it for hope, patience, determination and force. These are the requirements that the person attains to your freedom.

Red liberated

Upon completion, Red finally had his conditional release approved. After forty years living in Shawshank, he was questioned and interrogated for the first time with a spontaneous and sincere speech. Assim, he gets to leave the cadeia and goes to the nursery just like ex-inmate Brooks Hatlen.

It is interesting to analyze how the same situation lived previously by Brooks and faced in a different way by Red. Just experiencing the same confused and solid feelings as your colleague, Red escolhe viver.

He then found a letter that Andy had left at a previously marked location. As words of friend or strengthen me more. A letter is also a treat for them to meet in Zihuatanejo. Assim e ugly.

Morgan Freemam as Red em Um sonho de liberdade

As final dinners, as Red goes looking for Andy and the two of them meet again, showing nature in a wide way. OR open field and sea appear as a symbol of liberation and life, raising or spectator to feel relief to or see the characters no novo cenário.

As the entanglement is told about the point of life of Red, we can say that the film is about the history of a prisoner who is hopeful that an intelligent and determined young man knows.

O rapacious he prova to be possible to achieve freedom and peace of mind, same with the best conditions. Therefore, a story about otimism and faith.

Curiosities about the film

Many books by Stephen King will serve as the basis for film productions, in the meantime, not all that will please. Esse não é o case of Um sonho de Liberdade.

Considered to be a writer like uma das melhores adaptações de um de seus livros de him, or film was written in barely a few weeks hair director and roteirist Frank Darabont, who has never seen any longa-metragem.

Tom Cruise was cast in the role of Andy Dufranse and white actors such as Clint Eastwood and Harrison Ford, who played Red. Isso because of his Irish origin I do not read, or justify or call "Red" (vermelho, in English). More or more director preferred to opt for Morgan Freeman due to his striking voice and excellent interpretation.

As photographs we do not refer documents to conditional Network shows or personagem mais jovem. As the images shown are, in reality, of the filho caçula of Morgan Freeman, Alfonso Freeman, who also had a dinner as an extra does not last.

At the end of the film, we see the phrase "In memory of Allen Greene", a tribute to a personal friend of director Frank Darabont and literary agent who contributed to the realization of the production.

Red em Um sonho de liberdade
The portraits that exhibit or personage of Morgan Freeman mais novo, são do filho do ator

Data sheet

Qualification Um Sonho de Liberdade (The Shawshank Redemption, originally
Year of launch 1994
Direção e roteiro Frank Darabont
Free adaptation Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption by Stephen King
Gender Drama
Country USA
Personagens and cast Tim Robbins as Andy Dufresne
Morgan Freeman as Ellis Boyd "Red" Redding
Bob Gunton as Samuel Norton
Gil Bellows as Tommy Williams
James Whitmore as Brooks Hatlen
Narration Morgan freeman
Awards Indicated to 7 Oscars and 2 Golden Globes
IMDB note 9,3
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