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Psychologist Thais Guerrero Hernández

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Professional Coach specialized in Logotherapy.

Hello! I'm Thais, congratulations for taking the step of looking for a professional who can accompany you in your process. As the title of my profile says, professionally I am a Co-Active Coach, which broadly means that I am trained and qualified to help you overcome obstacles that are limiting your feeling of satisfaction and design action plans that arise from your emotional, physical and self-knowledge processes. mental. Additionally, I am trained in Logotherapy and Existential Analysis, which provides my practice with tools to the search for meaning that helps you navigate difficult experiences and make decisions to recover from they.

I specialize in accompanying women, mothers, migrants and entrepreneurs to re-find the purpose, direction or meaning at the turning points of these roles. My logotherapeutic approach will help you discover and cultivate the spark that drives you, it will give you the tools to overcome obstacles and will accompany you on the path to personal growth and professional. Together, we will explore values, goals, beliefs and I will support you so that you can heal emotional wounds that affect your present, allowing you to move forward with meaning and satisfaction. If you are looking for clarity, confidence and well-being, contact me for an initial consultation.

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In everything I do professionally you will see touches of the different experiences that have influenced me, not only academic and personal, but with wonderful clients, participants and colleagues, with whom I had or have the pleasure of work. Depending on what you need to address, we will use tools and resources that will stimulate your mind, body, emotions and spirit. These resources come from coaching, logotherapy, or theater. It will be an authentic, careful and confidential process. The work can be in person or online.

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