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Why do we get divorced? The 6 main causes

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Separation is a very complicated and multifaceted problem that involves many reasons for breaking up a relationship. Although the reasons behind divorces can vary depending on each particular situation, there are some common factors that often influence the decision to separate. In this article, some of the main reasons why couples may choose to divorce.

Why do we get divorced? The most common causes

Various studies place the failure rate of couple relationships between 65% and 70%. To put in context, 6 of your 10 acquaintances who are in a relationship or married will be separated in the next few years, and let's not talk about the happiness index. Because being unhappily together until the end of our days really has little to celebrate.

But getting back to the topic, in my experience, I am convinced that learning to live happily as a couple is one of the biggest challenges we have as a couple. individuals, and that is why understanding what sabotages us can be of vital importance in the task of learning to live healthily with that being. loved.

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1. Lack of effective communication

The most common cause of marital relationships divorcing is a lack of effective communication.

Lack of ability to express your needs, feelings, and concerns openly and honestly can lead to resentment and frustration. in the relationship. Lack of communication can also cause confusion and unresolved conflicts, which in turn deteriorates the quality of the relationship and can lead to separation. Another important reason to divorce is that there is not a good relationship and there are irreconcilable differences.

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2. Compatibility and differences

As couples develop and transform over time, they may discover that they have different goals, values ​​or interests that they cannot reconcile.

Disparities in the stage of children's education, financial priorities or even career ambitions They can create constant tension and conflict in the relationship, which can erode the foundation of the marriage and lead to its conclusion.

3. Infidelities

The infidelity and lack of trust are also frequent causes of divorce. Emotional or physical betrayal can leave a partner feeling hurt and betrayed. Although it is possible to build trust after infidelity, many couples find it too challenging and break up.

4. The abuse

Physical, emotional or verbal abuse is a very valid and justified reason to seek a divorce. It is not necessary for any person to subject themselves to any type of abuse and, sometimes, separation is often the only safe and healthy decision to protect themselves and their children, in the event that is. Abuse creates a dangerous and harmful environment in the relationship, which is essential to seek professional assistance and advice in situations of this type.

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5. Lack of commitment

Lack of commitment can also be a determining factor in the determination to divorce. Marriage requires a mutual and constant commitment to perform in the relationship and overcome obstacles that may arise. In the event that one or two members of the couple are not willing to make the necessary efforts to maintain the relationship, divorce may be the only viable solution.

6. Other factors

In addition to the obstacles mentioned above, financial difficulties, addiction problems, Constant disagreements and a lack of intimacy and emotional connection can also have an impact on the decision to divorce. It is essential to note that divorce is not a simple option and that each situation is unique. Some couples can overcome their problems through therapy and counseling, while others may decide that divorce is the best option for both of them.. It is important to seek professional help and make informed and conscious decisions.

Cristian Pernett Villadiego

Cristian Pernett Villadiego

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In conclusion, there are several reasons why couples may choose to divorce. Lack of effective communication, lack of effective connection, lack of effective connection, infidelity, abuse, lack of commitment and other factors can influence the final decision. Divorce is an individual and personal choice, and each couple needs to make the decision that is best for them in their particular situation.

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