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How to maintain a happy relationship with your partner in 7 keys

Who else who least knows a couple that you see passing the course of time as if they were in their first moments. They radiate something that goes far beyond mere well-being and having a good time: what's behind it all is shared happiness.

The eternal question that many ask themselves is "what is the secret?" The answer does not understand magic formulas, but if you want to know how to maintain a happy relationship, here we reveal some of its keys.

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How to keep a happy relationship

If you want to discover where the happiness of the happiest couples is born, here are some of their secrets:

1. Share to connect and build together

Be it moments, ideals, hobbies, travel, games, dreams... whatever, the fact is that any of these elements is perfect, because acts as a connector between the two members of the couple.

There are those who are lucky enough to share hobbies with their life partner that provide them with pleasant moments to enjoy together, or those who are also united by strong ideals that they defend with the same emphasis. In any case, it is about discovering those things that bring us even closer to the person with whom we want to maintain a happy relationship as a couple.

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A relationship in which joint couple projects are cultivated At the same time that the personal interests of each continue to be addressed, it turns the passing days into the construction hand-in-hand of something meaningful for both of us. Visualize the life that you would like to share with each other and don't let it become a dream; turn it into a plan to follow until it materializes.

And if you also look for a way in which one can help the other to achieve their own personal goals, the ties that will unite you will be more than strong. That is one of the secrets of happy couples.

2. Solid confidence

One of the fundamental pillars on which a healthy relationship is built, beautiful and durable is the trust that is woven between the two people that make up the couple. It should be seen as the existing bridge between the two members built with the same commitment on the part of both, in so that the bond between one and the other can be perceived as a common space to tread without fear, with conviction.

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3. Communication (and it's not just talking)

In the broadest sense of its meaning. It is not just about exchanging ideas verbally because even the gestures and expressions that accompany each explanation we give convey much more.

That is why we also have the looks that say so much without the need for words, hugs that approach where the phrases do not reach and expand the registers that we use to communicate with our partner to maintain a happy and long-term relationship.

Communication is essential for a healthy relationship.
Communication is essential for a healthy relationship. Fountain:Unsplash

4. I respect

Maybe it should be point number one, or maybe it shouldn't even be mentioned for granted, since there is no possibility of having a relationship based on love without respect both sides.

Respecting begins by accepting your partner and his peculiarities as well as his own limits. It is closely linked to trust and the way you consider and treat your life partner, which should be comparable to the way you want to be treated.

5. Enjoy sex and sensuality together

Having sex with your partner is not enough to maintain a happy relationship, since it should be something satisfactory for both to be considered an element in favor.

In this sense, the time factor must be considered: it is not usual to maintain the same predisposition when having sex with your partner at the beginning of the relationship than when the years.

During the first moments, falling in love (as the initial phase of that love) maintained a much more intense state of passion that gradually stabilizes naturally. But by no means does it mean that sex or desire disappears; they simply go to another stage where perhaps the frequency of the encounters is less, but this plot should not be neglected for this reason.

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Stop time in each meeting and enjoy the sensuality of such an intimate moment with your partner. Rediscover the pleasure in each shared touch and the time that has elapsed will not sabotage your attempt to maintain a happy relationship for many years to come.

Sensuality is also an important part of a relationship.
Sensuality is also an important part of a relationship. Fountain:Unsplash

6. Fall in love with our partner over and over again

It is so common to associate with the first moments of the couple's relationship the fact of feeling the butterflies in the stomach that it is almost automatic to dictate that it only happens at the beginning: not let us. Let's fall in love with our partner over and over again.

That the infatuation phase alters our body chemistry and makes us feel as if we are in a permanent state of euphoria does not mean that, once it subsides, the moments of high shared with our partner go to the story.

The key: be proactive and use your imagination. Let's remember how we felt and everything we did for enjoy with our partner in those moments. Why not resume that push that will surely bring new moments to enjoy and remember together?

Take a few moments to reconnect with those feelings from then that were making you more and more accomplices each other and take the opportunity to share it with your partner from the affection and with a positive tone, not regretting what It was; If you want, you can return those unique moments of connection. Why give up maintaining a happy relationship if it is within our power? It is a matter of strongly desiring it.

7. Warmth

And finally, something that is established as a kind of protective halo of the well-being of the happiest couples: the warmth that mediates between them.

It is something that is in their own ways, opting for the warmth of the forms on each shared occasion, because each moment counts. Why not create that warm climate when you are with the person you love, resort to tenderness and affection?

They are subtle gestures that make a big difference between some couples and others. What can be lost? Nothing, put to get changes, will be to improve and enjoy the fact of being together and happy.
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