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The 40 best phrases of Harry Houdini

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Magic, illusion and adrenaline are the elements that undoubtedly characterize Harry Houdini, an illusionist of Austro-Hungarian origin whose real name was Erich Weisz. He was characterized by being a high-risk escapist who led him to world fame, but sadly, it also led to his death, following the unexpected complication of the last act of escape from him.

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Great Harry Houdini Quotes

A man who not only amassed a great fortune and fame in life, but also gave his opinions on various topics and situations in the world, such as his discord with the Nazis or his preference for enjoying every little bit of the lifetime. To remember his legacy, we bring below a series with the best Harry Houdini quotes that you cannot stop reading.

1. My mind is the key that sets me free.

Our freedom or limits are in our mind and this illusionist broke all the barriers that could be imposed by himself or by others.

2. His collection packed his house from basement to attic. He hired a librarian and once bragged to a correspondent that he lived in a library

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The magician Teller talks about Houdini.

3. What the eyes see and the ears hear, the mind thinks.

A reference that shows us the ability of our brain to analyze things around it.

4. My work has given me a deep understanding of illusions and many years of experience in showing them to people of all kinds.

Any job needs preparation. But definitely, when it comes to risky magic, Houdino was a pioneer.

5. A world whose most precious asset is the successful avoidance of laws.

A critique of the extreme importance given to tax scandals.

6. My professional life has been a constant record of disappointments, and many things that people in the audience find wonderful are commonplace in my profession.

In life we ​​learn to appreciate things, to face sadness and find wonders in everyday life.

7. How the first priests came into possession of these secrets does not appear, and if ever there was any such record from the Church they hardly allow them to be made public.

Talking about a personal experience of Houdini, where he managed to seize something impossible.

8. My brain is the key that defines my free mind.

Freedom is what you imagine it to be.

9. Houdini knew how to create a character full of mysticism and mystery, and he surrounded his shows with an aura of intrigue that kept the viewer completely fascinated.

The impression Houdini left on the audience is unforgettable.

10. He stopped at nothing when he saw the possibility of propaganda. Even when he went to leave flowers on the graves, he arranged the presence of photographers in advance.

Arthur Conan Doyle talks about Houdini, who was also a great friend.

11. My main task has been the conquest of fear.

In order to do all those escape acts, fear had to be mastered.

12. I am a big fan of mystery and magic.

And he definitely let it be seen in all of his introductions.

13. Fire has always been and, it seems, will always be, the most terrible of the elements.

Although it is quite dangerous, it also offers us heat and light.

14. Heart, do not worry. I will rest in peace with my dear parents and I will wait for you.

Apparently, it was a phrase he said to his wife Beatriz.

15. The death of his mother brought Houdini closer to the world of spiritism, which he abandoned after a session in which a medium gave him a false message from his mother.

A believer from the spirit world who was disappointed.

16. I am tired of fighting. I think this thing is going to beat me.

A creepy prophecy about his death. He himself said this to his wife, before his last show.

17. That disloyalty from trusted helpers is one of the most discouraging things that can happen to a performer.

For an illusion artist, relying on his helpers is essential.

18. I make the most money, I think, in Russia and Paris, for the people of those countries they are so willing to have fun, so eager to see something new and out of the ordinary.

His niche was strongly anchored to these places.

19. In reality, death came after receiving an unexpected blow to the abdomen.

Many believe that he drowned, after not finding the key to the handcuffs that he kept his hands tied. But it seems that, in reality, it was a blow that sealed his fate.

20. I have deep knowledge of the illusion and years of practice showing it to everyone.

A professional in his niche and an example for future generations.

21. Magic is the only science not accepted by scientists, because they cannot understand it.

A debate that has been facing for years. Is magic another kind of science?

22. Only one man has betrayed my trust, and that only in a minor matter.

The illusionist did not forget those who managed to make a dent in his confidence.

23. He knew, as everyone knows, that the easiest way to draw a crowd is to let it be known that in a certain time and place someone is going to try something that, if it fails, will mean death sudden.

Houdini was always clear that his work carried such a great risk that it could threaten his life.

24. This is the brother of the great Houdini.

It was the peculiar way everyone presented his brother. He must not have been so nice.

25. His whole life was a long succession of such feats and, when I say that among them was jumping from an airplane to another, in handcuffs, at a height of three thousand feet, we can get an idea of ​​the extent to which he was capable of to get.

Another moving phrase from Arthur Conan Doyle for his dear friend.

26. I think in a year he allows me to retire. I cannot take my money with me when he dies and I would like to enjoy it, with my family, as long as I live.

His plans for the future.

27. Ten years is enough to wait for any man.

Beatriz to Houdini after his death, after meeting with a medium in an attempt to communicate with him again.

28. Although the legend was forged that Houdini died in one of his numbers when he could not remove some handcuffs.

This is the version that we all know, but as we have already seen, it is not entirely accurate.

29. The platitudes of my profession, which people think are wonderful, have been my constant disappointments.

We are not always happy with our work, even if others find it fantastic.

30. Keep your enthusiasm! There is nothing more contagious here than exuberant enthusiasm.

Never lose that spirit of curiosity and the innocence of surprising ourselves with impressive things.

31. Another method of eating burning coals employs cotton balls burned in an alcohol-burning dish.

One of Houdini's peculiar phrases, analyzing gourmet food.

32. I would rather live in Germany than in any other country, even though I am an American and loyal to my country.

Houdini had major confrontations with the Nazi regime, which led him to presidential elections in the United States.

33. His arrival on Broadway made him a world-renowned artist and amassed a considerable fortune that allowed him to enjoy his favorite hobby: aviation.

Relating the path that the illusionist opened with his actions and his greatest pastime.

34. My love, do not worry, when I leave I will be waiting for you with my family.

Another phrase that reiterated Houdini's love for his wife, beyond death.

35. Rosabelle - answer - tell - pray, answer - look - say - answer, answer - count.

The supposed enigmatic and coded message that Houdini transmitted to his wife through the séance.

36. The memories of a magician named Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin led young Erich down the paths of magic and he decided to change his real name to Harry Houdini.

The beginnings of young Erich to become the greatest escapist and illusionist in the world.

37. I am the greatest. I am Harry Houdini.

He himself knew the impact he had on people and his success.

38. One of the smartest and most unscrupulous diamond thieves I've ever heard of perfected a ruse to steal unset gems from daylight that for a time had London detectives in check and Paris.

Talking about an interesting crime anecdote.

39. The Great Self-Liberator, World King of Wives and Prison Escapist.

The way many called him.

40. Look at this life, all mystery and magic.

Life and its curiosities were his greatest inspirations.

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