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The 54 best phrases of Mafalda (to infect us with her irony)

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Unforgettable are the phrases, lessons, jokes, thoughts and opinions of Mafalda, the little girl created by Quino as a comic strip in 1964, from which we still learn so much.

So why not remember Mafalda's best phrases, to infect us with the wisdom that this little girl who knew how to bring to the adult stage and share her concerns for world peace and humanity.

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The 54 best phrases of Mafalda

These are the best phrases of Mafalda that have accompanied us and with which we have identified on so many occasions, because many times, what we think has been said better by Mafalda than us. So let's go back to rebelling against the world of the grown-ups!

1. Some people have not understood that the earth revolves around the sun, not theirs.

We start with a phrase from Mafalda in which she makes a metaphor for selfish and overly self-centered people.

2. I don't know whether to fall in love or make a sandwich, the idea is to feel something in my stomach.

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Which option would you choose? Fortunately, a sandwich does not make us feel the same as love for another person.

3. Stop the world I want to get off.

One of the most famous Mafalda phrases with which more than one of us have identified when we feel defeated by what is happening in the world. Remember that Mafalda was pure world consciousness.

4. The newspapers are full of bad news and nobody returns it for that... life is full of bad things and everyone accepts it... and you intend to return a simple salami because the filling is bad. Come on, ma'am!

This phrase is actually from Manolito, Mafalda's friend and he tells us about the ironies of life, the great things that we are willing to accept compared to the little things that we are willing to accept. we complain.

5. The bad thing about the great human family is that everyone wants to be the father.

Mafalda believed that all the world's problems are due to the desire for power of nations and the people who run nations.

6. What will some poor Southerners have done to deserve certain Norths?

With this phrase, Mafalda called attention to the conflict in different countries, referring to the role that the United States has played in history.

7. And in the end, how is the thing? Does one carry life ahead or does life take one ahead?

Something that we all ask ourselves at different times in our lives.

8. Sure... The bad thing is that women instead of playing a role, have played a rag in the history of mankind.

A phrase from Mafalda in which this little girl explains very well the role of women that had a long time in our society, but fortunately, we are working to change it.

9. Admitting that you are wrong is the harakiri of pride.

This is what Mafalda thinks of people who are proud and have a hard time admitting their mistakes.

10. Soup is to childhood what consumerism is to democracy!

An excellent metaphor that Mafalda makes about the displeasure effect that the ideology of the Communists has on the Democrats.

11. We have men of principle, she is sorry that they never let them go from the beginning.

Unfortunately, in our society, it is not always men of principle who manage to act and decide on our future.

12. Could it be that this modern life is more modern than life?

Is Mafalda's phrase talks about how we have changed certain values typical of life due to consumerism, new technologies and different ways of interacting with each other.

13. Mom, what would you like to be if you lived?

At the time when Mafalda was written, although women already worked, the stereotype of women was still seen. mothers who stayed home cleaning and cooking all day, something that Mafalda quite rightly did not consider lifetime.

14. It's terrible to see that people care more about any TV series. Than the mess of Vietnam!

What would Mafalda think if she knew that so many years later the war is now different but the attitude of the people towards her remains the same.

15. And all because children are born when parents have already taken over the power of the home!

It happened to all of us as girls not wanting to pay attention to our parents or to feel that they, in their process of educating us, were restricting our free will.

16. And these rights... to respect them, eh? It's not going to happen like with the ten commandments!

A claim with a little mistrust that Mafalda makes on the implementation of Human Rights comparing them with the 10 commandments of the Christian and Catholic religions.

17. Working for a living is fine, but why does that life that you earn working have to be wasted working, to earn a living?

Mafalda wondered a lot about the way we dedicate our lives entirely to working and not enjoying it. Finding the balance is what we must do now.

18. Who says the first stupidity?

One of Mafalda's phrases that refers to many of the aimless conversations that we sometimes have.

19. Life should not strip one of childhood without first giving it a good place in youth.

In this sentence, Mafalda expresses the complicated passage from childhood to adolescence, and we could say in the future that in adulthood as well.

20. The thing is to take the artificial naturally.

In this sentence, Mafalda could have also said the superficial instead of the artificial. Do you see their point now?

21. From time to time you should take your instinct for a walk.

Because we not only have to pay attention to the head, sometimes instinct is telling us many things that we do not want to listen to.

22. Half the world likes dogs; and to this day no one knows what wow means.

We do not always have to know the exact meaning of things to believe, feel or like something.

23. They say that man is an animal of customs, rather than usual man is an animal.

Another of Mafalda's phrases full of irony about how we get used to certain things that aren't always right.

24. After all, humanity is nothing more than a meat sandwich between heaven and earth.

With this comparison, Mafalda solves the comparisons between humans and puts us all on the same level.

25. It is not that there is no goodness, what happens is that it is incognito.

A way to excuse those moments in which human history forgets kindness in front of others.

26. And is it not that in this world there are more and more people and fewer people?

Because for Mafalda, the more people there are, the more we are leaving our human side, the feelings and the way of living that in the end makes us people.

27. The bad thing about reporting is that one has to answer a journalist at the moment everything that you did not know how to answer yourself in your whole life... And on top of that they pretend that you look like smart.

It has happened to all of us, not with reports, but if they throw you a question that leaves you in the air because he makes you define a lot of things in your life or your perception about life that you have not been able to do before.

28. If you cry for having lost the Sun, the tears will prevent you from seeing the stars.

Sometimes when we suffer a loss and not only human, it can be a job, a project, or other things, we become so closed in seeing the loss that we do not see the opportunities that open with it.

29. Someday I will sit down to analyze who makes me sick the most: Susanita or the soup.

Susanita was another girl in Mafalda's class who dreamed of being like past generations of women, instead of being like Mafalda, more liberal, progressive and in favor of women's equality.

30. Did you ever think that if it weren't for everyone, no one would be nothing?

Because ultimately, we all contribute to the world, we all build humanity, we are all born by two people and not by one. Excellent phrase by Mafalda to defeat selfishness and individualism.

31. Your life will go forward when you separate yourself from the people who are holding you back.

It could not be clearer, sometimes there are people who are unhealthy for us who what they do is hold us back and not allow us to move on.

32. It's not true that every past time was better. What happened was that those who were worse still had not realized it.

Another phrase full of irony that debates the famous phrases so used but not always well elaborated.

33. Embarrassing situations... does the stork bring them?

And a phrase that gives us all the innocence that is also part of Mafalda.

34. And why, having more evolved worlds, did I have to be born in this one?

We all complain many times about the place where we are, and this refers to both physical spaces and mental and emotional spaces.

35. And of course, the drama of being president is that if one begins to solve the problems of the State, there is no time left to govern.

Mafalda's irony also reached politicians, with this phrase that "justifies" why in many governments power is more important than really caring about the problems of the State.

36. What do the years matter? What really matters is to see that after all, the best age in life is to be alive.

That's right, the years are nothing more than numbers that celebrate our lives.

37. We all believe in a country, what is not known is whether at this point the country believes in us.

Other Mafalda's phrase about social problems in relation to governments.

38. Today I entered the world through the back door.

And this other phrase for the days when everything seems to go wrong.

39. The worst thing is that the worsening starts to get worse.

Like Mafalda, sometimes we see how things keep getting worse instead of getting better.

40. What if instead of planning so much we flew a little higher?

Mafalda knows very well that sometimes we lack initiative to really achieve what we want and we stay in the planning phase, but we do not take action.

41. Life is leaving us because we ignore the idea that tomorrow, to do what we want to do now, is only a possibility.

This phrase by Mafalda invites us to enjoy and value the present moment, stop procrastinating because in the end, we only have certainty of now.

42. In this world, everyone has their little or great concern.

Sometimes we forget that each person on this earth has their own concerns on their minds and not just us.

43. The world is sick, Asia hurts.

This phrase was said by Mafalda about various armed conflicts that occurred in Asia at the time and today some even persist.

44. Each ministry with its mini-hysteria.

A phrase that she criticizes with humor the follies of some governments and ministries.

45. One thing is an independent country and another is a country in the pending.

Mafalda clarifying that independence does not mean that a country is not going downhill.

46. Start the day with a smile and you will see how much fun it is to go around hanging out with everyone.

Excellent advice from Mafalda, break with the seriousness of the day and live with a smile on your face.

47. We sound guys! It turns out that if you don't rush to change the world, then it is the world that changes you!

With this phrase, Mafalda talks about how we are getting used to the problems of our society to the point that we continue our lives without getting involved in them again.

48. From this humble little chair I make a call for world peace!

Mafalda said this in the 70's and we could repeat this almost 50 years later.

49. It is always late when bliss is bad.

Y Mafalda also shows us her pessimistic version misrepresenting the words of this popular saying.

50. It's fine that you made us out of mud, but why don't you take us out of the swamp a little bit?

And another sample of her irony with this phrase of Mafalda speaking to God about difficult circumstances.

51. I trust, you trust, he trusts, we trust, you trust… What a naive manga, right?

Do you agree with Mafalda? A smile has at least brought you out.

52. Wouldn't it be more progressive to ask where we are going to continue, instead of where we are going to stop?

A very wise thought from Mafalda about how language and what we say can interfere with the positive way we look to the future.

53. When I grow up I will work as an interpreter at the UN and when a delegate tells another that her country is disgusting I will translate that her country is a charm and, of course, no one will be able to fight, and the troubles and wars will end and the world will be at hand! except!

It would be great to have Mafalda as an interpreter and that only this was required to be able to end all the conflicts that we have in the world.

54. There is never a lack of someone to spare.

Sure, as in this phrase by Mafalda, you have ever been in meetings where you want that person who puts the discord to be absent, but he is always the first to arrive.

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