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Online training: 7 advantages of learning online

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Online training has been gaining ground in the last decade in a considerable waySince distance training is useful for many individuals due to its many advantages. Different private centers, public institutions or universities have joined this type of training, aware that This teaching model arouses great interest among students and provides added value compared to traditional training.

Lack of time to attend face-to-face classes or the inability to combine studies with working hours can be a barrier to further training. However, distance learning can help overcome this "handicap", enabling a new reality for many students.

In today's article, we will review the advantages and disadvantages of this training model.

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Advantages and disadvantages of distance education

But, What are the pros and cons of distance training? Why should we choose or not this formative model over traditional teaching? We will explain it to you below.

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Positive points of online teaching

Let's start with the strengths of online education.

1. Flexible schedule

Although some online students must connect to their computers or tablets at specific times to communicate with the tutor, conduct evaluations or to view videoconferences, this is not usual.

Online students can usually view course material 24 hours a day. Online training offers an excellent opportunity to study at any time of the day, even at unconventional hours (for example, early in the morning).

2. Ease of access without scrolling

And it is that, without a doubt, one of the options for opting for online training has to do with not having to attend study centers and being able to do work from home. Therefore, it represents a saving in transport and, in addition, it is ideal for rainy and cold days when you do not feel like leaving the house.

3. Wide range of studies

Online training is the order of the day. Companies use it to train their employees, and many post-university students enroll in specialized courses, postgraduate courses and even official master's degrees. This type of training is ideal for those who are working and want to continue acquiring knowledge in their specialty.

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4. Permanent content update

Online training allows content to be updated at any time of the day, as well as submit jobs at any time. It is an ideal tool for both students and teachers.

5. Self-direction and real-time contact

Therefore, it is a tool that allows fluid communication and helps to be connected with the teaching staff immediately. In addition, the students can decide what they study and how they study, since the material is hung to review it according to the needs of each one.

6. It is usually cheaper

Since online training enables the enrollment of more students and does not cost facilities, it is usually cheaper than face-to-face training. If you opt for online training, your pocket will notice it for good.

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7. It is independent of the location

Possibly the most important advantage of online training is that facilitates access to the study from anywhere in the world. For example, an Argentine student can study a postgraduate degree at the University of Barcelona. Something unthinkable only a couple of decades ago.

Disadvantages of online training

As everything in this life, online education also has less positive things. Which are?

1. Requires self-motivation and self-discipline

Online training has many advantages, as we have seen, but it requires a high degree of motivation and self-discipline. It may be more difficult for some individuals to follow the canyon throughout the course in this modality. On the other hand, other people enjoy this mode of study without problems.

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2. May be impersonal (limited social interaction)

Not attending class can be a great advantage in many cases, But online training can become impersonal and can limit social interaction. On the other hand, traditional training makes it possible to interact with teachers and colleagues in person, something beneficial in many cases.

3. Technical failures

Advances in technology have helped many students connect from anywhere - the cafeteria, the library, or the train. But, on occasions, it is possible that technological means may fail, making it difficult to carry out tasks. For example, when you run out of computer because it has broken down.

4. Technological requirements

Therefore, Online training requires having a computer, internet connection and, in many cases, updated software. Unfortunately. not all students have these requirements, which can be a problem for their educational experience. In addition, this can be an additional financial cost in some situations.

5. Difficulty doing practices

Online training can be a problem for practical tasks, especially for those that require group work. For example, if a student studies a sports training course, she may not be able to agree to put her knowledge into practice.

6. Difficulties in evaluations

Online training can make it difficult for teachers to control evaluationsTherefore, many choose to carry out periodic evaluations in person. This is especially important for formal education.

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7. Social stigma

Although online teaching has gained credibility in recent years, some people tend to look down on this training model.

There is a misconception that online education is easier than face-to-face education, and some employers may not take these types of courses or diplomas seriously. However, more and more educational centers (including prestigious universities) are offering quality online education.

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