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Diego Fernando Maldonado Rivadeneira

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Hello, very good, Diego Maldonado greets you, we are here to provide you with psychological tools to that you can solve your problems and identify destructive or non-conducive thought patterns nothing. You will learn to manage your emotions and the behavior will be mostly adaptive and you will be able to grow. Know yourself and you will see that you can do many things. If you believe that your behavior is destructive or affects third parties, seek professional help. Consult your problem without obligation, one of our professionals will provide you with tools to improve or solve the problem. We also provide clinical psychology care services for the conscious treatment of drug and alcohol addictions. Rational - emotional - behavioral therapy. We have payment plans according to economic situation, If you have a problem with resources, write to me to reach an agreement. Any questions or concerns write to me at whatsapp. Face-to-face, telephone or home care

Specialties in mood disorders, obsessions, social phobia, avoidance, bullying, rejection of the body shape, anorexia, bulimia, existential crisis, ideation suicidal, anxiety, postponement of tasks, alteration of the biological clock, emotional breakdowns, separation of couples, addictions, vocational guidance, resolution of problems..

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Psychotherapy is a treatment for the mind and that is my vocation, to help people who suffer from suffering or who go through a difficult time to solve, as a human you will understand that many times we cannot solve our own problems. We have deep respect for patients, we work at the same level, we give them absolute confidence, we propose changes, new ideas and the patient you will check and experience if it is possible to lower your emotional pain, We do not make value judgments, that is, we do not judge or stigmatize a problem

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Diego Fernando Maldonado Rivadeneira

Hello, very good, Diego Maldonado greets you, we are here to provide you with psychological tools...

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