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Avant-garde Art - Simple Definition

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Avant-garde Art - Simple Definition

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There are many artistic movements or styles that have emerged throughout history and, even more, those that They were born in the last century which are the ones that we have more recent and therefore the ones that the vast majority of people usually know. Next, in this lesson from a TEACHER we will try to give you a little definition of avant-garde art, an artistic movement that encompasses many other trends.

The avant-garde art is an artistic movement that encompasses various artistic trends, that is to say, not only with the term avant-garde it alludes to a single artistic style and it is that avant-garde art refers to all those artists and consequently their works of art that are going to be innovative and empirical, breaking with all the models of beauties and norms dominant in Europe in the first third of the 20th century, which is when this new movement takes place.

The origin of this style could well be associated with modern Art since it was with this that the first protests against what is known as academic or nineteenth-century art began to emerge.

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In this way we could well say that avant-garde art is a renewing, dogmatic current, of the most radical that have occurred in the history of art and with which various movements have been designated that have in common the opposition to the previous aesthetics, proposing new tendencies in which each one treats art in a different way, since they are movements that have their own characteristics that define them, among them we have expressionism, impressionism, Dadaism, fauvism, cubism, futurism, ultraism, pop art and surrealism.

Avant-garde art - Simple definition - What is avant-garde art

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We continue with this definition of avant-garde art to now know the most outstanding characteristics. Within this current, despite the many trends that it encompasses as we have already mentioned above, they will have a series of common features for all, starting from the base of being a provocative style and, from here, those subgenres will begin to emerge.

The common characteristics are:

  • Facing tradition and academic principles to acquire innovation and above all individual freedom.
  • Freedom, daring and daring, three reasons that one should keep in mind when approaching the subject.
  • Art of an experimental nature and is that like any other artistic movement what you are looking for is do something different to what is being done and for this you have to experiment and try other new things.
  • As usual, all avant-garde artists agreed to break all previous traditions and for the same reason this style arises that is synonymous with originality and innovation, which in turn gives freedom of expressionWell, as we all know, academic art was subject to rules that you had to follow to create a "true" work of art.
  • Related to the previous point, the main themes that were dealt with in the other styles were abandoned, since, if it was a previous topic, it does not mean an innovation.
  • In some of these artistic currents we will see that the allusive tendency to the plastic arts appear.
  • Works of art reflect an attitude rather than an aesthetic in itselfIn other words, there are artists from certain movements who do not create a work in which they seek beauty, but rather express an attitude, either of rebellion, of longing ...
  • These are artistic styles that focus on the language of shapes and colors.
  • The viewer before this type of works takes different reactions, and that is another of the things that artists wanted to achieve, and that is that many works of art invited reflection.
  • Most of these artistic movements that encompass avant-garde art have arisen from the same opinion that a group of artists have had.
Avant-garde Art - Simple Definition - Characteristics of Avant-garde Art

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