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18 ação e comédia films to watch on Netflix

Be you gosta of adrenaline and gargalhadas boas, a film of action and comedy is a great option to animate or seu day! We highlight, below, some popular releases on Netflix, as well as several classics that deserve to be replaced:

1. Troco em Dobro (2020)

Troco em Dobro (2020)

Directed by: Peter berg

Raised from a book by Ace Atkins, or longa-metragem tells the story of Spenser, a former policeman who feared a doubtful conduct and had just been released from prison.

From the city of Boston, he discovered that two former companions of profession were assassinated in mysterious circumstances. To help him unveil or case, or protagonist hire a lutadorof MMA called Hawk.

2. Goats of Plague (2021)

Goats of Plague (2021)

Directed by: Vitor brandt

A Brazilian comedy was launched in March 2021 and a great succession on the streaming platform. Or entanglement follows the adventure of Bruceuilis, a policeman from Ceará who was afraid to travel to São Paulo, behind a missing goat With great value in its terra-natal.

When he left, he went to work with Trindade, a disgraced agent with a lot of experience. Together, they need to recover Celestina and confront perilous enemies.

3. Shaft (2019)

Shaft (2019)

Directed by: Tim story

Or fifth longa-metragem da franquia de ação Shaft, starring a family of detetives, I divided the criticism, the more I conquered the genre's fãs.

JJ is an FBI analyst who has lost a great friend in a suspenseful situation, distrusting the causes of his death. In order to truly unveil, the item to be procured either pai e or avô, an ex-police officer and a private investigator from renome, who has not been for many years.

4. Total Loss (2018)

Total Loss (2018)

Directed by: Kyle newacheck

A North-American plot of action and comedy follows the destiny of Alexx, Darren and Joel, three friends who work with their hotel and create a videogame.

When the entrepreneur who is going to finance or the project is not local, they specify practice or learn how to play games e resgatá-lo, guaranteeing two serious guests to security.

5. Zumbilândia - Atire Duas Vezes (2019)

Zumbilândia - Atire Duas Vezes (2019)

Directed by: Ruben fleischer

Following Zumbilândia It was released for a decade or so first film and mix ação, terror e comédia. During an apocalypse buzz, um group of survivors needs to unite to fight them.

Years later, Columbus, Tallahassee, Wichita and Little Rock became specialists in eliminating the dead-alive. Agora, they are looking for a new shelter and school to move to Casa Branca.

6. Coffee & Kareem (2020)

Coffee & Kareem (2020)

Directed by: Michael Dowse

Uma original produção da Netflix, or longa-metragem accompanies day of a couple improvável. James Coffee is a policeman who is loving two serious dreams about him, Vanessa. There is hardly a problem: Kareem, or filho dela, that does not approve of the union.

When Garoto tries to hire bandits to get rid of James, he becomes a crime and begins to be persecuted. Assim, you need to unite your forces to protect Vanessa from criminal attacks.

7. Irmão de Espião (2016)

Irmão de Espião (2016)

Directed by: Louis Leterrier

Sebastian and Nobby são two very different irmãos That has not been in years. Or first, two British secret services became agents; or second, he is a fanatic for soccer and lives with a love and serious eleven filhos.

When they meet again, Nobby catches Sebastian, making his miss a complete failure. Starting today, they are not another option: we need to flee together.

8. O Return of Johnny English (2011)

O Return of Johnny English (2011)

Directed by: Oliver parker

Combining the universes of comedy and espionagem, or English longa-metragem and a sequence of Johnny english (2003). A plot is a satire on James Bond films, betting on gender clichés, bem conhecido spectators hair

This time, I spy on MI7 and sent to the Asian continent and had the opportunity to correct its old errors. It is also necessary to uncover a conspiracy and to prevent an attack during a meeting of state chefs.

9. Scott Pilgrim Contra o Mundo (2010)

Scott Pilgrim Contra o Mundo (2010)

Directed by: Edgar wright

Inspired by Bryan Lee O'Malley's pictures, a teen comedy full of action dinners and unique musical moments. Or the protagonist is a young musician who is fond of Ramona, a stylish garota and a cheia de mistérios who has just finished chegar à cidade.

When he perceives that he is reciprocated, the face is uncovered terrível: to make him a beloved, he needs defeat serious ex-lovers, a group of supervilões that will unite and want to destroy the happiness of Casal.

10. RocknRolla - A Grande Roubada (2008)

RocknRolla - A Grande Roubada (2008)

Directed by: Guy ritchie

The British police film has become a true classic and conquered many fãs. Or entanglement follows a criminal business between a bilionaire Uri and a perigoso gangster named Lenny. As a commencement of the agreement to be signed, Uri provides a very valuable quadro ao bandit.

However, when the painting disappears from his writings, Lenny needs to gather a team of thieves and fazer de tudo to get it back, before it is too late.

11. A Hora do Rush (1998)

A Hora do Rush (1998)

Directed by: Brett ratner

O first longa-metragem da franquia Rush hour (not original) accompanies an inescapable duo: Detetive Carter and Inspetor Lee. A history began in Hong Kong, where a group of gangsters tried to deal with several pieces of historical value, but it happened badly.

Like Vingança, ha we United States, you criminals resolvem kidnap filha de um consul chinês. Lee, being his friend, is called to investigate the case, but needs to collaborate as an FBI agent. Assim, he joins Carter, an inspector with little conventional methods, to make or break.

12. Os Bad Boys (1995)

Os Bad Boys (1995)

Directed by: Michael Bay

Burnett and Lowrey form a duo of police officers that mark the history of two films of action and comedy. You are part of the narcotics department and need to recover a large load that was roubada.

When a tester links to the delegation, affirming that he knows you are responsible, Burnett answers or telephones and needs to stop by Lowrey. From daí, eles são forced to exchange identity to unveil or case.

13. Mistério no Mediterrâneo (2019)

Mistério no Mediterrâneo (2019)

Directed by: Kyle newacheck

Or longa-metragem of suspense, action and comedy is a tribute to old years of police entanglements that invite the public to unveil a mystery. Nick is a North American detective who travels to Europe with his wife, Audrey.

There is no plane, receipt or invitation of an unfamiliar to embark on a millionaire. Contudo, quando o dono do iate é assassinado, eles we become principal yourselves and we need to prove his innocence.

14. Sem Dor, Sem Ganho (2013)

Sem Dor, Sem Ganho (2013)

Directed by: Michael Bay

Inspired by a real case that happened in the United States, during the 90s, or accompanying film um sequestro that gives wrong. Daniel works as an instructor in our academy, but he is willing to get rich quickly.

With the help of Paul, a former prisoner, he resolves to sequester Victor, two serious students who are very rich. When he fails, Victor hires Ed Dubois, a longtime researcher who goes on to chase them.

15. Treze Homens e um Novo Segredo (2007)

Treze Homens e um Novo Segredo (2007)

Directed by: Steven Soderbergh

No longa-metragem that contains a famous trilogy Ocean's, a gangue commanded by Danny Ocean meets to do more work. When two companions, Reuben, took a hit and went to the hospital, his friends decided to go away.

Assim, go back to homem what attraiçoou or parceirogive them, as I intend to roubar all your businesses and return them to Reuben.

16. Country of Violence (2018)

Assassination Nation (2018)

Directed by: Sam levinson

Or longa-metragem that combines acid humor, action and terror divided critics, but obtain good results together with two spectators. A plot is past in Salem, when um hacker comes to expor you segregated da população.

Dai em diante, the city is transformed into chaos, with groups of masked people who come together to commit violent crimes and attempt to capture or disguise themselves.

17. Um Tira Muito Suspeito (1999)

Um Tira Muito Suspeito (1999)

Directed by: Les mayfield

Blue streak, not original title, is a comedy and action film that has kept its popularity for two years. Thousands, or protagonist, is a thief who managed to hide a large diamond with the property that was under construction, immediately before being imprisoned.

When he was released, years later, he returned to the local area and discovered that he was transformed into a new delegation. Determined to get back or diamond, he resolves I will infiltrate the police forces, pretending to be a detective that I was transferred to or local.

18. Miss Sympathy (2000)

Miss Sympathy (2000)

Directed by: Donald petrie

Or longa-metragem that was a succession of bilheterias and starring Gracie, an FBI agent known for her rebellious behavior. About various problems that afastam do work, the item that will be referred as a nova missão.

Assim, but she hated these events, she needs to be disguised as Miss and participate in a contest to avoid a terrorist attack and capture your responsibility.

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