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Psychologists in Las Lagunas de Mijas

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Degree in psychology

Degree in Psychology (University of Malaga). Specialist, Advanced Specialist and Master in Contextual Therapy (University of Almería). Extensive experience working, above all, with Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy in children, adolescents, adults and old age, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ATC) and contextual therapies.

Psychotherapist psychologist

I am Sylvia, a psychotherapist psychologist with more than 14 years of experience in private practice. Passionate about my work, I will always serve you with respect for your person and problem, helping you achieve your goals and overcome what limits you.

Degree in General Health Psychology Psychology

I have found in the practice of psychology the way to help people understand their inner world, solve their problems and grow emotionally. I work tirelessly collaborating in human improvement, psychological maturity and the adaptation of the human being to multiple situations that is found throughout this trip; what is life. I am passionate about my profession, so each case is a source of professional and personal growth.

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Bachelor of Psychology / Gestalt therapist

I have been in the world of Psychology for 15 years and I am more and more passionate about it. I discovered Gestalt therapy and realized the great therapeutic benefits it could bring. Having a more extensive training allows me to approach each case in a more profound way and the help is much remarkable. I enjoy my work and with each patient because I always learn something from each of them.

Health Psychologist Nuria Artacho

I am a mother, a health psychologist and a book lover. I studied at the UMA and did postgraduate studies in educational psychology and child neuropsychology. Health Psychologist.

Psychotherapist, Sex Therapist, Hypnotherapist

Verified professional

I consider myself a very lucky person to have made my two great passions my profession. My career began dedicated to teaching, I really loved the time I was dedicated to it, but after a few years, I was oriented to what it was a second latent passion in me that pushed me in another direction: therapeutic help to people who were in difficult situations psychological. At that time I was living in Belgium and I started all my training and later my work as a psychotherapist. I have helped many people of different nationalities, I have accompanied many of them in processes of personal crisis, anxiety, depression, phobias, blockages emotional, dependencies, addictions, grief, relationship problems, or simply to facilitate greater self-knowledge to be able to continue a fuller, more positive life and conscious. They say about me that I am empathetic and close, that it is very easy to open up with me and feel good, at the same time that they experience an impulse and a new motivation for the change they want.

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