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Psychologists in San Luis de Sabinillas

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Gestalt psychologist and therapist

I am a health psychologist and gestalt therapist with more than thirteen years of experience. I serve children, adolescents, adults, couples and families. Online therapy by video call. Treatment of stress, anxiety, phobias, conflicts with others, grieving processes, self-esteem problems, emotional management, social skills. I can help you achieve your goals, so that you feel better about yourself [email protected], to know yourself better and to be able to relate better with yourself and with other people, to find that calm and satisfaction that you need.

General Health Psychologist

Hello! I am a General Health Psychologist. My orientation is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, but I also use many techniques of Systemic Therapy. I have been specifically trained in the field of emotional problems, addictions, family therapy and couples therapy. In therapy we will look for the best strategies for you, so that we achieve the objectives that we agree on. Do not hesitate to contact if you want to know more.

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Graduate in psychology.

I am an admirer of the human capacity to create and build what it identifies with. I have never stopped being curious to share the incredibly different ways of experiencing life that each of us has in a unique way. This, added to my empathy and vocation to help, has led me to spend 15 years accompanying lives and redesigning experiences. Those who know me professionally often describe me as close, flexible, and committed, but also disconcerting and at times painfully sincere. Truth, justice and honesty, not the social ones, but those inherent to each one of us, are the virtues that guide both my personal and professional attitude. That makes foolishness my main enemy. If something has profoundly transformed me in my life, that has been the understanding of psychological experiences as part of a global whole that explains and gives them meaning. My rule of thumb is; "Take responsibility for your life experience and respect the rights of others."


Psychologist with collegiate number of AO10135, I was always passionate about psychology and therefore, since I I started, I have not stopped training so that I can give the best to those people who place their trust in my. Graduated in Psychology from the University of Malaga, focused on the clinical psychology itinerary. After the degree, I decided to continue oriented in the field of the clinic and I did the Master of general sanitary psychology at the University of Córdoba. There I expanded knowledge and tools for cognitive behavioral therapy, in addition I was able to put into practice many of this knowledge in various rotations by institutions such as the Mental Health Unit and the Center Penitentiary. After finishing the master's degree, I wanted to specialize in another model of therapy with a more positive vision of the human being and that agrees more with my way of seeing life. For this reason, I decided to do a Master in Systemic Family Therapy of 600 hours plus 150 hours of supervision.

Clinical psychologist

I do face-to-face psychological therapy in my practice in San Pedro Alcántara (Marbella) and online. In my therapies the objective is to increase your well-being, where the important thing is you and your problem. I attach special importance to the patient's personal history and his power to change. In my consultation, I will guide you to achieve your goals and overcome the difficulties for which you went to therapy. In my psychological consultation I will help you obtain new skills to better face problems, change what you is generating discomfort or making it difficult for you to get out of a problematic situation, and ultimately make your well-being increase.


To help you, we carry out an EMDR approach in our therapies, always with a cognitive-behavioral background. The use of new techniques such as virtual reality and augmented reality enhance and increase the effectiveness of our therapies.

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