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Relative positions between the circumference and a point

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In this video I will explain the relative positions between a circle and a point. In order to explain these references you will have to make a base circumference.

The first thing we can say is that the point can be inside or outside the circumference or it can belong to the circumference. Therefore:

  • If the distance from the point to the center of the circumference is greater than the radius, it means that it is a external point. D> r
  • If this distance is less than the radius, the point is within the circumference. D
  • And finally if the distance is equal to the radius, it means that this point is right on the circumference. D = r.

In the image we can see it very clearly, the external point being "A", the belonging point "B" and the internal point being "C".

Also, if you want to learn more about the relative position between a circle and a point, watch the video. If you still have doubts you can do the printable exercises with their solutions that I have left you on the web.

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